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Dog Days Of Summer: How To Keep Your Pup Cool In The Seasonal Heat
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Dog Days Of Summer: How To Keep Your Pup Cool In The Seasonal Heat

Approximately 50% of all U.S. households have a dog. As summer steps into full swing, it's more important than ever to ensure that they don't spend too much time in the sweltering heat. Unfortunately, that's easier said than done; some dogs are so energetic and excited that they hardly seem to notice the heat, others have sprains or arthritis that make it difficult for them to move about, and some pups just won't communicate their discomfort until they're on the verge of collapse. Let's take a look at a few ways you can keep your furry friend nice and cool this season.
  • Never leave your dog in the car. This means never; the temperature inside a car on an 85-degree day can soar to 102 degrees within 10 minutes -- and that's with the window cracked. Avoid this problem by leaving your pup at home, or going places they can come with you.
  • Keep your house cool. Opening your home's windows only does so much. For those particularly oppressive days, you're going to want to seal the home off; leave your AC on and close the drapes so Fido can be safe and comfortable. If you don't have an air conditioner, consider investing in a cooling therapy dog bed or cooling therapeutic pet mat.
  • Offer plenty of water and shade. This is especially true for pups who are relying on dog hock braces or canine leg wraps. Whether they're suffering from arthritis or recovering from an injury, movement is going to be more difficult; by ensuring their access to water and shade, you can make sure that even immobile pups are safe.
  • Take care of at-risk dogs. Certain dogs are more susceptible to trauma from high temperatures; breeds with short noses, such as pugs or bulldogs, are unable to cool themselves as effectively by panting. Older dogs and overweight pups (including those who need dog hock braces) can get heatstroke more easily than their younger, healthier counterparts. Using a cooling towel can help cool them down and get relief from the heat.
Use your best judgment when it comes to your dog. If it's too hot for you to go outside, it's probably too hot for your pup. By taking the necessary precautions in such situations, your dog will make it through the summer happy and healthy.
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