• What is Iontex?

    Iontex® technology has the same basic concept as Welltex®. It contains natural minerals that can reflect body heat as infrared energy. The difference between the technologies is mainly that Iontex® has more finely ground minerals in its thread. This results in a light and flexible material that allows more stretch and other properties that lend themselves well to clothing for an active lifestyle.
  • How does Iontex work?

    By absorbing body heat and regenerating it as energy, Iontex® can stimulate blood circulation and give you longer endurance. The fibers in the textile are designed to help maintain an optimal body temperature in all situations. The products with Iontex® are therefore quick-drying and abstract the moisture from the skin. In this way, the material can adapt in both cold and warm conditions, which makes them suitable for use in summer as well as during winter.
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IONTEX® is a Welltex® technology that is lighter and more flexible and is optimal for use in active lifestyle garments and accessories. Iontex® absorbs body heat and reflects that energy back to the body in the form of far-infrared wavelength. This can stimulate blood circulation and provide for greater endurance.

How it works

The threads of the fabric contain embedded minerals that work like Welltex® and Iontex® – the body’s natural energy is reflected in the form of long-wave infrared energy. The composition of the minerals has been adjusted to give the products with Haematex ™ optimal properties for training and activity. By reusing the body’s energy, the garments can provide extra good endurance, so you can feel comfortable, strong and enduring throughout the day.


IONTEX Technology

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