IONTEX® is a Welltex® technology that is lighter and more flexible and is optimal for use in active lifestyle garments and accessories. Iontex® absorbs body energy and reflects that energy back to the body in the form of far-infrared wavelength. This can stimulate blood circulation and provide greater endurance.

How it works

The composition of the minerals has been adjusted to give the products with Iontex® optimal properties for training and activity. By reusing the body’s energy, the garments can provide extra endurance, so you can feel comfortable, strong, and more durable throughout the day. Our products with Iontex® have maximum breathability and high moisture-regulating properties that support hard workouts as well as everyday adventures. The material is quick-drying and wicks moisture away from the skin and helps you maintain an optimal body temperature regardless of activity. This makes the garments suitable for use all year round.