• What is Cool on Track®?

    Cool on Track® is a cooling hero in the summer heat! The products cool efficiently by evaporating water, no chemicals or proximity to the freezer is necessary. The technical material effectively lowers the surface temperature by about 43 degrees. The products are perfect for use on hot summer days and can easily be taken on excursions and holiday trips and/or used during workouts, hard training sessions, and more. All that is needed to get a cooling effect is water. Cooling lasts up to 6 hrs or more.
  • How does Cool on Track® Work?

    The Cool on Track® cooling technology, is made from a high-tech material by Back on Track®. The Cooling products work by storing water and using it to exchange your body's heat as it evaporates. As the water turns from liquid to vapor your body's temperature drops. Simply add water to keep the cooling effect. No chemicals or access to your freezer is necessary. Three easy steps: 1 Soak the product in water 2 Squeeze out excess water 3 Place your Cool on Track™ on your body, your pet, or your horse.

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