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Mini Blanket - A Must Have!


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The Back on Track Mini Blanket is an incredible 20″ x 27″ of pure comfort and healing power! This versatile product can be utilized in numerous ways to provide relief and promote well-being. Made with our innovative Welltex technology, infused with reflective minerals, it works wonders in enhancing circulation, reducing stiffness, inflammation, and alleviating conditions like rheumatism and osteoarthritis. 

You can roll it up and use it as a neck rest, providing soothing support and relaxation. Wrap it around aching limbs to experience targeted relief. Position it in a chair or bed to specifically target and alleviate aches and discomfort. It can also be used as a lap blanket or comfort cushion while working, driving, or in a wheelchair, ensuring you can enjoy its benefits wherever you go.

Not just for humans, this mini blanket is perfect for dogs, cats, and horses as well! Soothe your furry friends and provide them with the same healing benefits. However, be cautious about letting your pets find it, as they may never want to give it back!

  • Welltex® Technology
  • Soft Filling
  • Multifunctional
  • Can help with stiffness, inflammation, rheumatism and more.
  • Perfect for People, Pets, and Horses
Material Specification

Fabric: 100% Polypropylene
Filling: 100% Polyester

Welltex Technology

Care and Washing Instructions