Product FAQ's

Back on Track is a global company that makes therapeutic products for people, pets, and horses. All Back on Track products are infused with Welltex®, an advanced proprietary solution technology that has proven high far-infrared reflective properties. Learn more The Back on Track Effect – Back on Track USA

Welltex® fabric utilizes the body’s own energy and reflects the energy back as a far-infrared wavelength. That far-infrared wavelength penetrates deeper into the tissues. It is proven to increase blood circulation which, in turn, will increase the oxygen transport and waste product removal to and from the tissues, muscles, joints, tendon/ligaments, etc. It is a known fact that an increased blood circulation will aid in the overall well-being and health of the tissues and also in healing from some trauma and injury. During the manufacturing process, our polyester and polypropylene fibers are infused with Welltex®. The selection of these ceramic particles is based on which absorption and emission spectrum they contain. The result is that when the ceramic particles absorb the body’s energy radiation, they reflect that energy back to the surface from which they came. It is well established and documented that long-wave far-infrared radiation increases blood circulation, relieves stiffness and soreness, and has an overall pain reducing effect. Learn more - watch our 3D animated video Welltex® | A textile technology from Back on Track – Back on Track USA

Back on Track products increase circulation and help mitigate accumulation of inflammation. An increase in circulation is not the same as an increase in inflammation. Muscles under stress become inflamed and accumulate a buildup of lactic acid. It is critically important to increase circulation to mitigate and disperse this accumulated edema. Additionally, Back on Track products are not only designed to increase circulation through its advanced far infrared technology Welltex®, but they also provide high-breathability, and moisture-wicking attributes, which help cool the immediate area.

Back on Track products are therapeutic by design. Our products should be introduced gradually so the body can become accustomed to the effect. Use the product for a maximum of 4 hours for the first 2-3 days and then gradually increase from that time forward. Most people and animals respond without incident, but some animals and people who hold lots of stress in, might find that they feel a systemic feeling of tiredness, almost like having a mild cold – a general feeling of uncomfortableness. This feeling will subside but it’s important to be aware that it can occur.

Depending on how long it has not been used, it may be necessary to start the introductory period again. Use common sense and see what the reaction is.

The effectiveness of our products will not change over time. If you have been using our products for a long period of time and feel you don’t see the same results as you did at the beginning, simply take a break for a week, or so then start up again. While using our products, the body can get used to feeling better, so you may no longer see an increase in improvement. This improved feeling is now the ‘new normal’, but some prefer to take a break whereby they will most likely see or feel the difference again.

Improved circulation will help to maintain an overall feeling of well-being. Our corporate tagline is Prepare – Perform – Recover. Each one of these in the cycle of health and wellness are governed by our bodies overall readiness for what comes next. Injury prevention is critical even for the healthy or the sedentary. Flexibility improves resilience to injury and improving circulation is an important foundational outcome when wearing Back on Track.

Back on Track materials are infused with Welltex®, an advanced technology solution that is melted into the fabric and threads of all our textiles. It cannot be washed out or worn off and will always be effective.

Back on Track utilizes the body’s own energy and reflects that energy back into the tissues as far-infrared wavelengths which penetrate deeper than just surface warmth to affect the tissues, blood vessels and supporting structures. Magnetic therapy utilizes magnets that create a magnetic field, and based on the location and desired application outcomes, may produce similarly suitable results. Magnetic therapy can also be used in combination with Back on Track products resulting in some synergistic outcomes.

Best to hand wash or machine wash in warm water on a short cycle using a mild detergent. Do not use fabric softener or bleach. Hang to air dry or tumble dry on low heat. Products that are caked with mud should be brushed first before washing.

Back on Track products are designed to be air-dried or tumbled dry at a low temperature. It is best to avoid excessive heat if at all possible but in the event of accidental overheating, do not worry – the Back on Track material is resilient, cannot be washed out, and will continue to perform well.

Back on Track clothing is subject to the same shrinking conditions as any clothing garment. It is best to air-dry or tumble dry on low heat. Our pet and equine accessories are also best to be air-dried or tumbled dry on low heat.

We recommend not using liniments that generate heat but rather using liniments designed to cool. Our Limber-Up line of topics are designed to be used in combination with Back on Track.

Back on Track products provide the best and most effective performance when next to the skin or as a second layer over a blanket or under garment. The further the Back on Track product is from the surface, the less effective it is. Many of our products are designed to be worn as a second layer – the Luna Vest or Grace jacket to name two, and the Mattress Overlay that should be used under regular bed sheets.

Back on Track products are ‘value priced’ and can only be purchased at the published Suggested Retail Price (MAP). All Back on Track products are made of the highest quality materials and workmanship and Retailers are required to agree to our Retail Pricing Policy. Stores are allowed to request Off MAP special pricing holidays and for limited duration.

Tack shops, feed and farm stores, pet stores, sporting goods stores, outdoor gear retailers, and specialty online retailers. All resellers are required to complete a Retail Application prior to being approved as an Authorized Back on Track reseller. Additionally, Back on Track has a large network of health care professionals that serve either People, Pets or Horses including licensed therapists, veterinarians, sports medicine practices, and other health care specialties that align with our products health and wellness benefits.