General Sizing

We want you to be thrilled with your purchase, and safety is our first priority. Please review all of this sizing information, and watch the videos as well. All of the information will help you tremendously in purchasing the correct size helmet.



 See below for further instructions on measuring for a specific model of a Trauma Void helmet.


Place the helmet level on the rider.  If the helmet contains a dial, adjust the dial to fit the rider securely.  Without harnessing the chinstrap, have the rider shake their head from side-to-side and again from front-to-back, check for movement and ask the rider if there is an even pressure or if there is any pinching or air pockets.  If the helmet does not have a dial-fit system and there is movement from side to side but not front to back, try our oval liner, which is thicker on the sides than front to back.  If there is movement overall or front to back, try going down a size. Once you’ve found a secure fit, move the brim of the helmet up and down, the rider’s eyebrows should wiggle.

Adjust the Chinstrap:

The length of your chinstrap should rest just under your chin and touch the bottom of your ear lobe. You should be able to fit one finger in the space between strap and your chin. The strap should be secure, but still allow you to move your head up and down comfortably.


Size Guide EQ3

EQ3 is available in all sizes between 53 and 61. Each helmet has a Coolmax® inner lining that can be washed and replaced with a thicker inner lining to be able to adjust the size as well as possible for your particular head shape.

Size 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61
Head circumference (cm) 51.5-52.4 cm 52.5-53.4 cm 53.5-54.4 cm 54.5-55.4 cm 55.5-56.4 cm 56.5-57.4 cm 57.5-58.4 cm 58.5-59.4 cm 59.5-60.4 cm
Helmet lining original (mm) 11 mm 9 mm 7 mm 5 mm 11 mm 7 mm 5 mm 9 mm 7 mm
Helmet lining +1 (mm) 15 mm 13 mm 12 mm 10 mm 17 mm 13 mm 9 mm 15 mm 13 mm

Lynx Size Guide

Helmet Fitting/Measuring: To measure for the best fit, find the circumference of the head.  To begin, use a flexible tape measure and place it 1-1/2 cm above the eyebrows, skimming the tops of the ears, take it around the back of the head to the fullest part. Using the rider’s measurement and the chart below, find the corresponding helmet for their size range.  Please note that the rider’s hair should be as worn when using the helmet.


Lynx Sizing Chart
Size Small Medium Large
cm 50-53cm 54-58cm 59-61cm

Dial-Fit System: The Lynx helmets include a dial-fit system, after fitting the rider for their helmet, adjust the dial so that the helmet fits securely, then adjust the chinstrap.