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EQ3 Micromocca Riding Helmet

Color: Black
Size: 53 cm (20" / 6½")

The EQ3 Micromocca riding helmet is dressed in black microsuede on the sides and has elegant glitter accent stripes. These helmets are equipped with MIPS safety system, a Multi-Directional Impact Protection System, to help protect against brain injury.

Large ventilation holes provide a good air throughput and help keep you cool during riding sessions. The liner (inner lining) has our Coolmax® technology that keeps you dry and gives a pleasant feeling by wicking away moisture. The liner is removable and can be easily washed and cleaned with lukewarm water.


Important: See our Helmet Sizing Guide

The EQ3 helmet has a more 'round' head shape fit and is available in sizes between 53cm - 61cm. The helmet's inner lining can be replaced with a thicker version to adapt the size to your head shape

  • MIPS safety system
  • Fits a more round head shape
  • Ventilation holes
  • Three-point mount
  • Washable functional lining
  • Weight: approx. 630 grams
  • Approved for riding in all disciplines
Mips Technology

MIPS stands for Multi-directional Impact Protection System and is a system placed inside the helmet, designed to protect the brain by reducing the harmful forces in the event of a fall from e.g. horse or bicycle. Read more about MIPS.


CoolMax Technology

Coolmax® is developed to keep you dry and increase your comfort. Made of specially treated polyester fiber with a unique surface construction that transports moisture away from the skin through the outer layer of the fabric. There, the moisture dries faster than with any other fabric and thus regulates the skin's temperature through condensation cooling.


Named Good Choice in a 2021 Folksam Independent study on most common riding helmets. The result showed this helmet is 15% better than the average helmet.

Certification: EN 1384: 2012-02 + VG1 01.040 2014-12 Annex II 2016/425/EU