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Simple Tips To Get Your Horse Summer-Ready

Simple Tips To Get Your Horse Summer-Ready

Spring is officially here and summer is on its way. While you've probably packed away the winter rugs already, now is the best time for horse owners to start getting ready for the hotter weather while the air is still cool. Unless your horse is affected by common summer conditions like pollen allergies, there are a few simple tips you can use to make sure your horse stays comfortable and in top form over the summer.

Try to minimize work on hard ground

The warmer months are often drier, which can impact your arena footing. Dry weather can sometimes make your footing hard or uneven, which can put additional strain on your horse's joints. Try to minimize hard or fast work on hard ground. You also want to do what you can to keep your arena footing in good shape. To help support your horse's joints while they're working on hard ground, consider giving them a joint support supplement or using horse wraps to support their legs. Horse wraps can help to keep your horse's legs cool while decreasing potential swelling.

Make sure your horse is hydrated

Just like people, horses work harder over the summer because of the hotter weather. It's important to make sure your horse is properly hydrating throughout the spring and summer to prevent heat exhaustion and muscular issues. Keep an eye on your horse to make sure they don't have decreased thirst either. Decreased thirst despite dehydration can be caused by electrolyte deficiency. If you think your horse may be deficient, talk to your vet about feeding them electrolytes daily.

Fight the flies with bug control

Just like humans are bothered by mosquitoes during the summer months, horses are bothered by flies. To keep the flies away, check your horse's fly sheet and fly mask fit. Fly sheets are critical to keeping your horse safe and protected from bugs. Inspect the fly sheet for tears. It's usually recommended to have two or more sets of fly sheets and fly masks so your horse has a backup when one set needs a wash.

Looking for horse wraps and other therapy products for horses?

It's no secret we love our horses. Every year in the U.S., approximately 7 million people ride horses for fun or for competitions. But it's important to make sure your horse is happy and healthy year-round, too. That's where Back on Track comes in. Back on Track offers a variety of therapy products for horses including horse wraps, horse neck covers, and horse hock wraps. To learn more about our horse products or for more information on our therapy products for dogs, contact Back on Track today.
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