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Your Ultimate Guide To Hiking With Your Dog

Your Ultimate Guide To Hiking With Your Dog

Spring is here and summer is on the horizon. That means more dog owners are getting ready to take to the trails for some serious outdoor adventures. But it's important to remember that a hike isn't your average walk in the park for your furry friend. In this guide, we'll cover the basics so you can have a better idea of how to plan for your hike, what to pack, and how to keep your dog safe while out on the trail.

Plan ahead

Before you get ready for the hiking trails, you need to be sure your dog is ready for them. Make sure your dog is wearing a collar, that their vaccines are up-to-date, and that they're protected against ticks and fleas. Ticks like to lurk in the high grass that brushes up against your dog on long walks. You also want to make sure the contact information on your dog's tags are accurate if they aren't microchipped. Your final step for preparing for your hike is to make sure the place you're going allows dogs in the first place and what their policies are.

Pack smart

When you're hiking with your dog, there's no such thing as packing too much. Hydration is essential and so you'll need to pack enough to last the entire trip for both you and your dog. Extra water is also a good idea in case of unforeseen delays. Bring along collapsible food and water dishes along with enough food to keep your dog well fed on the hike. Give your dog small, snack-sized meals to keep them from exercising on a full stomach. You also want to bring waste disposable bags, treats, bug repellent, and a small first aid kit.

Keep your dog safe

Pull supplies from your dog's first aid kit at home to bring with you on your hike. Your travel kit ought to include sterile gauze, wrapping bandage, scissors, antiseptic, a liquid capsule antihistamine, a dog-safe electrolyte replacement, and a book on basic pet first aid. It's also beneficial to bring along a therapeutic dog leg wrap or hock brace. These kinds of dog wraps can help if your dog suffers from arthritis or inflammation in their legs. Pay attention for signs of dehydration and heat exhaustion, which include symptoms of panting, stumbling, drooling, disorientation, and confusion. If you notice your dog experiencing these symptoms, take a break and head for the shade. This them plenty of water and the electrolyte replacement from your first-aid kit.

Looking for therapy dog products?

Exercise is incredibly important for your furry friend. Most dogs benefit from daily aerobic exercise alongside a 30-minute walk. But some dogs suffer from arthritis and inflammation that can keep them from enjoying their time outdoors. Back on Track's therapy dog products can help to reduce your dog's inflammation support their legs during an arthritis flare-up. To learn more about our therapy dog products such as our dog leg wraps and dog hock braces, contact Back on Track today.
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