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Wraps and Boots for Protecting Your Horse's Legs

Wraps and Boots for Protecting Your Horse's Legs

Happy horses are busy horses, but trail riding, jumping, events, rodeos, drafting, cattle work, and more can put a lot of strain on a horses' legs. Luckily, there are many products available designed specifically for protecting your horse from the risks of day-to-day activities. Here are just a few products available for use on a horse's lower extremities: Horse Knee Boots The knee area in horses is tough to wrap due to frequent bending and its knobby shape. That's where knee boots come in. Horse knee boots protect the area from injury during exercise and can help horses recover from knee injuries. Knee boots provide compression and security around the entire joint and can be adjusted to fit each horse. The ideal knee boot should be snug to prevent sliding, but still flexible enough to permit good blood circulation. Horse Polo Wraps Horse polo wraps are known for their versatility and durability. Resembling a bandage for human injuries, polo wraps come in varying lengths and colors, and hare made of a stretchy material. Polo wraps are wound around a horse's lower leg to help protect it from scrapes, bruises, and other damage. Horse polo wraps are sometimes preferred over boots due to the way they conform to a horse's unique shape, and because they offer a "cleaner" look for events. Horse wraps are not recommended for long-standing wear, since over time they can disrupt circulation, or can begin to unravel. Instead, only apply polo wraps during activity. Horse Hock Wraps The joints on a horse's back legs need just as much protection as the front. Horse hock boots and wraps protect horse hocks from many problems, including swelling and edema. Unsteadiness in a 2,200 pound animal is dangerous for both the horse and the handler, but hock wraps can steady a horse by reducing joint weakness and limiting mobility. By providing even pressure surrounding the joint, hock wraps can both prevent injuries and help horses recover from injuries to the muscle or tendon. Proper adjustment using straps can prevent hock boots from slipping or rubbing while the horse is active. Using products like these, you can help protect your horse's legs from harm. Use polo wraps, knee boots, and hock wraps to keep any horse on its hooves. For more information and product selection, contact Back on Track today.
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