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Properly Blanketing Your Horses
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Properly Blanketing Your Horses

When it comes to owning animals, there are a lot of responsibilities that fall in your lap. Some of these responsibilities are fairly well known and require only common sense. For example, most people know that dogs need daily aerobic exercise in order to stay healthy. However, when it comes to horses and blanketing, there are some questions that arise. The best blankets for horses will always share the same features. Neck covers will usually be included, as well as a shoulder guard. What about the different types of the best blankets for horses? While there are blankets for winter and cold weather, other times a therapeutic blanket may be needed. When it comes to sheets for horses or a therapeutic blanket therapy blanket, there is a lot to consider. Here are some things to consider and understand when looking for the best blanket for horses. First things first, here are the five main types of horse blankets. Turnout Blankets: Turnout horse blankest are the best blanket for horses to help with harsh weather conditions. This includes cold temperatures, rain, wind, and snow. Turnout blankets are designed to help keep a horse warm and dry. There are a number of different types of turnout blanket that support different levels of protection and warmth. When purchasing a turnout blanket, there are several things to consider including grazing conditions, clipping routine, the weight and age of the horse, and the horses exercise level. These all affect the horses need for an intense or light turnout blanket. If you have questions about the right type of blanket for your horses, please reach out to us. We would be happy to give you some recommendations based on your situation. Stable Blankets: For horses that are clipped and live indoors, a stable blanket is usually the most beneficial in terms of providing warmth. This is because a horse that is stabled is unable to move around freely to generate body heat at will during the colder months. Additionally, a light weight stable blanket can be used to ensure that the horses stay clean throughout the year. These are a great option for show horses and other horses that are frequently left in stabled conditions. Mesh Horse Sheets: Mesh sheets are typically used in summer months and help protect horses from irritating flies and midges. When horses are spending more time outside grazing and walking around, flies can be a big irritation. However, covering a horse with a full blanket in these months call lead to heat exhaustion. Mesh sheets are a great way to keep horses free from flies and midges, while still keeping them cool in the summer. Horse Sheets (non mesh): For horses that experience a significant amount of outdoor time during the summer, sheets can help offer UV protection. Typically made with a high cotton content, horse sheets are naturally breathable, which keeps your horses cool in the sun. In addition to covering the horse's coat to keep it clean and dust free, because horse sheets shield your horse from the suns UV rays, it will help protect the coat and prevent it from fading. This is great for show horses who need to look pristine all year round. Cooler Blankets: Coolers are used after a horse has been thoroughly exercised. As horses exercise, their body temperatures increase significantly. Using a horse cooler blanket will help the horse regulate their body temperature, and prevent it from dropping too rapidly while cooling down. This is especially important for horses that are being exercised significantly in the cold winter months, as a sharp reduction in body temperature could cause health concerns. When it comes to choosing the best blanket for horses, there is a lot to consider. Be sure to do research on your specific breed of horse as well. Some breeds of horses are naturally more suited to hot or cold weather than others, and using the wrong type of blanket during the wrong time of year can cause unintended problems. Additionally, make sure you are prepared for every season. The best blanket for horses during the winter and summer months are very different indeed. Being prepared will ensure that you are caring for your horse's needs throughout the year the best way that you can.
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