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Why Every Horse Owner Needs a Therapy Blanket On Hand
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Why Every Horse Owner Needs a Therapy Blanket On Hand

Published: January 14, 2020

When it comes to caring for your horse, oftentimes the best way to check for injury is by looking for changes in posture. If your horse starts shifting from side to side or refusing to move, it could be a sign that it is injured. Depending on the severity of the injury, additional therapy may be needed to fully address and rectify the problem; however, making sure that you have the proper tools on hand is also important. This is where a therapy blanket for horses comes into play.

Over the course of the day, a horse can expend a lot of energy. While keeping active is key to maintaining a happy horse, it can also strain muscles over time. Just as we can feel sore after a jog, so too can our horses. When it’s time to take a break and rest your horse’s muscles, a therapy blanket is essential. A therapy blanket for horses can help relieve the discomfort from sore muscles and help boost mobility. When therapeutic blankets are also used alongside physical therapy sessions, the healing process for injuries can also be boosted.

Understanding Therapy Blankets for Horses
A therapy blanket for horses should always be on hand in a horse owners barn. Essential for helping horses heal from muscle strains and joint problems, they can also do their part to prevent additional injury by improving and maintaining body tissue. This amazing benefit is due in large part to the blanket’s ability to promote circulation that provides much-needed oxygen to cells. The best horse blankets can also be used alongside horse hock wraps and support braces to further boost circulation and aid in healing.

Familiarizing Your Horse with the Blanket
It’s not unusual for horses to be a bit iffy about their new blanket; however, you can slowly introduce it to them so that they start to feel comfortable with it. Start by only putting it on them for a couple of hours at a time, and gradually work your way up to longer periods. Watch for signs of discomfort, and after a while, your horse will gradually become accustomed to their new blanket. It should also be noted that while a therapy blanket for horses can help in healing, it’s important to discontinue use periodically to check how healing is progressing. Some injuries will require longer use than others, so be sure to check every so often to get an idea of how your horse is doing.

A Comfortable Solution
A therapy blanket for horses can have many benefits, the biggest of which is comfort. Therapy blankets can be used to make your horse more comfortable by relieving discomfort and allowing them to rest easier. This, coupled with the boost in circulation, is essential for healing. Furthermore, therapy blankets are convenient for both you and your horse. They can be used every day to relieve discomfort without being over-encumbering and are easy to clean between uses. Overall, it’s a win-win!

If you don’t currently have a therapy blanket in your barn, it’s time to consider investing in one. While we don’t want our horses to be injured, everyday soreness and inflammation is a common issue many horse owners have to deal with. The addition of a therapy blanket can help alleviate these discomforts and keep your horse and healthy — and as happy — as possible.

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