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The Top Ways To Show Your Senior Pup You Love Him
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The Top Ways To Show Your Senior Pup You Love Him

September 18, 2019

All animal lovers know that senior dogs deserve love, too!

Whether you’ve just now adopted your elderly pup, or you made him a part of the family years ago when he was a puppy, it’s clear he faces a few more challenges now in his old age.

However, that shouldn’t stop your need to shower your four-legged friend with affection. Because older dogs tend to have different likes and dislikes as they age, here are a few unique and fun ways you can bond with your senior dog. Continue reading to learn more.

Treat him while also administering medicine
Turn treatment time into treat time.
Senior dogs tend to develop a variety of conditions in their old age. These conditions can range from arthritis to cataracts. If your furry friend is taking medicine to help improve his condition, give him his favorite treat along with the tablet or pill. Either douse it in peanut butter or hide it in a cheese cube. Not only will you be administering his medicine and bettering his health, but you’ll also be treating him to something he loves. This form of treat time is especially great if your dog hates taking his medicine. He will no doubt feel spoiled rotten every time.
Car rides
Depending on your senior dog’s age, walking him may not be a great idea anymore since it can put significant stress on his hips and joints. Instead, take him for a car ride and roll down the window. Your canine will feel especially adored and loved and enjoy sticking his head out of the window and into the cool breeze.

Buy him a therapeutic dog bed and other therapy products for dogs
If your senior dog is doing a lot of napping, take the liberty of buying him a comfortable new bed. A therapeutic dog bed or therapeutic pet mat for lounging is not only more comfortable, but it’s also more supportive if your pet is living with arthritis or hip dysplasia. Dog leg wraps are also appropriate if they need a little bit of extra support throughout the day. Dog leg wraps or a support brace can especially benefit breeds like the Australian Shepherd and Border Collie. These herding dogs are typically prone to canine arthritis. But despite their old age—they love remaining active, so keep their minds working with a puzzle or a game of hide and seek. But other breeds are also affected—around one in four will develop the affliction so keep therapy products handy.

Make time for belly scratches on the couch
Lastly, to a dog, nothing says ‘I love you’ more than your undivided attention.
Set some time aside every day to cuddle, play, or just pet him. Looking into his eyes releases oxytocin, the love and bonding hormone, so make sure you’re making the best use out of this time with your senior dog. Even if he can’t run around like he used to, there are still plenty of ways to show him affection.
From dog leg wraps to car rides: All the ways to show you care
Dogs, even in their old age, crave love, friendship, and lots of attention.
By taking the time to administer their medicine, drive them around town, and treat their canine arthritis using dog leg wraps and braces, they will feel as much love for you as you do for them.
And though your dog can’t verbally express his thanks, he’ll be sure to let you know he’s grateful in other ways. So lookout for a wagging tail and a toothy happy smile.
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