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Three Of The Most Common Places For Arthritis and Treatments

Three Of The Most Common Places For Arthritis and Treatments

Many adults throughout the United States suffer from some sort of arthritis. The most common type of arthritis is osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis affects about 31 million Americans. This number makes up the vast majority of doctor-diagnosed arthritis, which overall is at 54 million. By 2040, this is expected to exceed 78 million. Below is a list of some places that arthritis most commonly rears its ugly head, and some ways that it can be treated:

1. Wrist

One of the most common places that people develop osteoarthritis is in the wrist. Since the wrist is attached to the hand, inflammation in this joint can stop you from performing many daily activities, even those such as typing and writing. This can even cause those affected to cut back on their hours at work, or even retire earlier than they previously intended on. The most common way to treat osteoarthritis in the wrist is with a wrist brace. Depending on the type of brace purchased, it will likely help to partially immobilize the wrist, helping you deter any more harm. Also, an NSAID medication (Such as tylenol or ibuprofen), taken intermittently, is advertised to help relieve some of the symptoms caused by arthritis.

2. Knee

What the wrist is to typing and writing, the knee is to an active life. There are very few active things to do in life that do not require the knees. Even climbing up a staircase requires a functioning knee. Intense discomfort in the knees can essentially render someone handicapped. The person might have to quit doing fun things such as going on walks, bicycling, playing sports, and could even have trouble getting around their own house. There are knee braces available, however a compression sleeve can do the best work on a swollen knee.

3. Elbow

The elbow is a very important joint in the human body. A functioning elbow is very important for most daily activities. Intense discomfort stops many of those with arthritis from doing many enjoyable activities such as golf and tennis. This would relegate many people to sit at home bored, instead of enjoying their life. There is also a compression sleeve offered for elbows. Using the same compression method, it uses your body's own heat and may help increase circulation to the elbow. This could lead to more opportunities to do the fun activities that you love. Back on Track products offers many potential solutions for arthritic joints. They offer braces for wrists, elbows, knees, ankles, and more joints. A big part of the company actually is aimed at helping your pets! About 25% of dogs kept as pets in the United States are diagnosed with arthritis. Back on Track offers back pads that can help your dog's arthritic back. These back pads can potentially help increase circulation to your dog's back. The back pad can help your dog's quality of life stay happy even as they age. According to research, a little more than three quarters of dogs with dysplasia or arthritis can live a happier life with proper management of their discomfort. These back pads, along with body wraps, are also available for horses through Back on the Track. A back pad can also potentially help increase circulation for your uncomfortable horse. They also offer other products such as horse hock wraps, therapeutic dog beds, sheets for horses, and many more.
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