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The Benefits of Therapeutic Blankets (And Why Your Horse Needs One)
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The Benefits of Therapeutic Blankets (And Why Your Horse Needs One)

Published: November 15, 2019
If you own horses, it’s important to understand the signs of injury. Looking for changes in posture — such as constant shifting or refusing to move and bear weight — can be one of the first telltale signs that your horse is dealing with an injury. While some injuries may require additional physical therapy, having some therapy products for horses on-hand can help you be prepared for when the worst occurs.

Horses use up a lot of energy every day. And while activity can keep a horse happy, it can also take a toll on muscles over time. When it comes to giving your animal a break, a therapy blanket for horses is a must-have. A therapeutic blanket can help ease muscle strain and improve mobility overall. When combined with physical therapy, it can also aid in the healing process.

What are Therapy Blankets?
When stocking up on therapy products for horses, a therapy blanket should be one of the top things on your list. Therapeutic blankets and mesh horse covers are essential for helping to repair joints, ligaments, and muscles. They can also be used to help prevent injury, as they can improve resilience by helping to maintain body tissue. This works due to the blanket’s ability to promote micro-circulation, which increases oxygen delivery to cells that need it. Science jargon aside, this can help reduce tension and speed healing. These blankets can also be used to help loosen muscles as they can absorb a horse’s body energy and use it to create a warming infrared thermal effect. These blankets can also be used in conjunction with other therapy products for horses, such as hock wraps and knee supports, to aid in healing and circulation.

If your horse seems iffy about the blanket, start by placing it on them for only a couple hours at a time. Allow your horse to gradually familiarize themselves with it until they feel comfortable enough to wear it for longer. These blankets can be worn before exercise over even overnight if needed. Keep in mind that it is important to discontinue temporarily to be able to accurately gauge your horses healing progress. Some injuries may require long term wear, while others may only need it intermittently.

The Benefits of Therapeutic Blankets for Horses
A couple of the most significant benefits can include:

While reliving discomfort is a large benefit, mesh covers are also light enough to prevent overheating and can allow your horse to achieve a better night of rest. This helps them not only stay comfortable in the short term but can help them heal faster to feel better overall.

Therapy blankets can be used every day if needed, and are a convenient option for relieving muscle soreness or discomfort in your horses.

Easy Cleaning
Mesh blankets are also easier to keep clean than you might think. Because of their material, dirt and fur won’t get trapped inside and end up becoming a cleaning nightmare.

When it comes to therapy products for horses, therapeutic blankets are a must-have. Not only can they help reduce soreness and inflammation, but they can help speed up the healing process and get your horse back on their feet (or hooves). They can even help mitigate the chance of future injury by strengthening your horse’s body tissue. If you want to keep your horse as happy and as healthy as possible, consider the benefits of a therapeutic blanket and what they can do for your noble steed.

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