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7 Canine Mobility Aids that Help Your Dog to be Active
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7 Canine Mobility Aids that Help Your Dog to be Active

Published: September 23, 2019
Your canine friends sometimes suffer from conditions such as dysplasia, degenerative joint disease, arthritis, and chronic joint instability. All dogs with such problems can enjoy dog mobility aids and braces, which can help in restoring their active lives. These braces help the dogs to move with minimal pain and limping. The braces can also offer support and stability to aging dogs or dogs on prosthetics.

The adjustable braces reduce inflammation and pain, and they are useful for recovering, injured, arthritic, handicapped, or disabled dogs. Most homes in America own a pet, and in most cases, the pet is either a dog or cat. Dog owners need these therapy dog products to support their dog’s mobility, activity, and well-being. The content below highlights the seven major mobility aids and their use for your canine friends.

1. Dog leg wraps
Canine leg wraps are elbow braces that correct dog problems such as the inability of the elbow joint to bear the weight of your dog. These braces also correct limping and prevent your dog from licking any injuries that may be at the point of the brace attachment. They are also perfect aids for dogs with ligament and tendon injuries. The braces solve problems such as chronic elbow joint instability, dysplasia, and arthritis.

Canine leg wraps can also protect your dog before or after surgical procedures to stabilize and restrict motion on the operated areas and prevent your dog from licking these areas. Unlike the use of bandages, casts, and splints, the canine leg wraps allow easy inspection and cleaning of the injured areas. The canine leg wraps consist of pure cotton, and they can also double-up as protective gear even if your dog isn’t hurt. The canine leg wraps keep the injured areas warm and thus aid in reducing inflammation and improving blood flow.

2. Cruciate Knee Brace
The cruciate knee brace is a dog brace whose design helps dogs that suffer from torn cranial or anterior cruciate ligaments. The brace is also helpful to dogs with arthritis, fatigue, limping, and canine knee sprains and strains. You can also use these braces whenever you need to immobilize your dog or offer stability and support after a surgical procedure on the hind legs.

3. Hip Hound brace
The hip hound brace offers hip support to your dog whenever it has some hip pain or injury that hinders proper motion. The brace helps in solving dog problems, which include back leg limping, low back pain, hip weakness and pain, arthritis, or moderate to mild hip dysplasia.

4. Wrist Wrap
The dog wrist brace or wrap is for your dog’s forearms or front legs. This product has a snug and secure fit on your dog’s front leg if it is well-secured using its strips. The wrap gives support to the tendons, muscles, and ligaments on any hurt or injured front-leg.

5. Dog hock ankle holder
The hock joint holder gets fastened to your dog’s back leg and below its knee. The dog hock brace fits the angle of the hind leg’s hock to prevent any hyper-extension during motion. The holder has a neoprene wrap. The wrap offers lateral and medial support to the dog’s joint. This support allows smooth movement with minimal strain on your dog’s joints.

6. Carpal joint protector
The carpal joint protector is a brace used on the lower extremity of your dog’s leg. The protector improves stability and limits motion on the dog’s lower leg joints that have injuries or pain from conditions such as arthritis or dysplasia. The carpal joint protector helps in rehabilitation and the improvement of muscle strength and movement.

7. Dog leggings
These are akin to human leggings, but they have a different design that suits the dog’s body morphology. The leggings offer warmth to your dog, and prevent it from licking its open sores.

Is your dog injured, limping, or unwell? Seek a veterinarian’s advice on which of the braces mentioned above can help your dog to recover and live a comfortable life.
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