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Helmet Safety Statement 2022
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Helmet Safety Statement 2022

Date: December 2022
Re: Back on Track Trauma Void Helmets

Back on Track is a global leader in the development of helmets that meet or exceed the toughest compliance standards-imposed by industry and objectively evaluated through 3rd party testing oversight. Standards set by SEI (ASTM) to ensure that helmet manufacturers are compliant, and safety comes first is without a doubt, the base threshold of which all helmets should be held to. Third party testing of all types of helmets without bias is a critical step in building customer confidence and instilling safety in the culture of the industry.

Back on Track Trauma Void Helmets were first to market using the MIPS® (Multi-directional Impact Protective Safety) system which has now been adopted by all reputable helmet manufacturers. We are proud to have helped lay the foundation for improved helmet safety and continue to be a leader and advocate of improved helmet testing safety standards across all industries.

Back on Track has been involved and in support of independent testing since its inception. We are also very proud that the Back on Track EQ3 helmet and now the Lynx helmet and Pardus helmet are considered Best in Test or Good Choice by two gold standard testing organizations, Europe's Folksam and the US’s Virginia Tech Testing Lab.
Direct impact testing be it tangential (rotational), straight, low velocity, or high – all play a part in keeping our customers safe and confident that they have made a correct choice in helmet safety.

The science and process of testing, and the results therefrom are conditional and are a guide only to the safety of the helmet being tested. The proper helmet size and fit, characteristic of head shape (round or oblong) in relationship to the helmet chosen cannot be underestimated and is most important to ensure that your helmet investment protects in the event of an impact.


FOLKSHAM 2021 Helmet Safety Study: Test of riding helmets – Best in test 2021 - Folksam

Virginia Tech 2022 Helmet Safety Study: Testing of riding helmet - 2022 Virginia Tech

Learn more about MIPS: Mips Academy - YouTube


Helmet-Based Safety Leader Mips Welcomes Virginia Tech Helmet Lab’s Equestrian Helmet Ratings, But Warns Tests May Fall Short - Mips (
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