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The Need-To-Know’s About Back On Track® Technology
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The Need-To-Know’s About Back On Track® Technology

The Need-To-Know’s About Back On Track® Technology 

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by how you can "better your health"? We get it. There are a lot of resources available on the internet! Sometimes it takes work to know exactly where to go. We want to help make your research process as simple as possible!

By combining modern textile technology with traditional Chinese medicine, supported by scientific studies, Back on Track creates therapeutic products that help horses, dogs, and people achieve a more active and comfortable life. Back on Track technologies effectively use the body's natural energy and reflect it into long-wave infrared energy. This blog will teach you about each Back on Track technology and how we incorporate them into our products!

Happy Health, Happy Life

Learn about the various Back on Track® technologies & how they can benefit you and your animals.

Welltex®: The fabric contains a blend of both modern and traditional Chinese technologies. The Welltex technology is created through minerals that are infused within the fabric. Thus, allowing your body heat to be converted into long-wave infrared energy.

Iontex®: Back on Track infuses Iontex technologies into more flexible fabrics. By finely grinding the minerals, Back on Track can infuse them into a fabric with more stretch and quick-drying properties.

Haematex®: This technology reflects the body's natural energy into long-wave infrared energy, like Iontex and Welltex. We design the Haematex technologies to provide light support, allowing for a comfortable elastic and compression-like feel. Additionally, the fabric contains a high moisture-regulating feature to allow comfort for active individuals.

Cool on Track®: (Coming Soon!) It is ideal for the hot summer months! Cool on Track technology can cool the surface up to forty degrees. The technology is effective by adding water.

MIPS: The Multi-directional Impact Protection System, MIPS, is designed to protect the brain by reducing harmful forces in the event of a fall. All the Back on Track helmets contain MIPS as an extra shell, allowing the helmet to rotate in all directions without affecting the head.

Airflow®: The Airflow technology is made with Airtech for maximum breathability and 3D mesh technology for ventilation and strength. The products are anatomical and close fit for the best comfort, with a perforated shock-absorbing foam. Back on Track Airflow® products are lined with Welltex®, and the outer shell is solid and durable, with shock-absorbing material.

When to use each product

The difference between Iontex®, Welltex®, and Haematex® is in the fabric!

Welltex®: The Welltex Technology contains traditional and modern technology that may stimulate blood circulation. The fabric comprises natural minerals with solid and durable fibers. Compared to Iontex and Haematex, Welltex has a higher emissivity value of far infrared energy. Emissivity value of far infrared energy = VERY HIGH A fantastic Back on Track Welltex product to try for your equine friend is the Back on Track Mesh Sheet:

Iontex®: This quick-drying material, made for all seasons, transfers moisture from the skin with breathable fabric to help aid in cooling. Fun Fact: this technology has antibacterial properties! Emissivity value of far infrared energy = HIGH Stay warm during winter with our Back on Track Iontex-infused products, like the Nora Headband!

Haematex®: The Haematex Technology is primarily found in our athletic wear. It offers high elasticity and a flexible fit to ensure a full range of motion. The fabric is feather-light and has shape-retention properties. Like Iontex, Haematex transfers moisture from the skin with breathable fabric to help cool. Emissivity value of far infrared energy = HIGH

Ready to feel the full effects of the Haematex technology while you ride?

Check out our breeches! Additionally check out the Back on Track MIPS products!



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