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Welltex® fabric has been selected as a 2023 Liikkuja product
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Welltex® fabric has been selected as a 2023 Liikkuja product

Finnish Association of Health Products Retailers 20.2.2023

Back on Track Oy's protections, supports and therapeutic tape based on Welltex® fabric have been selected as the 2023


Liikkuja product. Welltex® is a therapeutic wellness fabric developed by a Swedish doctor, which utilizes the body's own heat production, research data and modern textile technology in a unique way. Products made of Back on Track Welltex ® fabric have been used for more than 20 years as an auxiliary form of drug-free pain treatment.

"Welltex® fabric has incorporated natural mineral particles that have been ground into a powder and mixed into the threads of the fabric's base material. Minerals bind body heat and convert it into infrared energy, which is reflected back to the skin, joints and muscles. Infrared radiation is a well-known form of energy that is used to increase well-being, relieve nervous tension and has a beneficial effect especially on muscles and joints. Thanks to the therapeutic properties of the Welltex® fabric, the heat reflected back into the tissues helps to support the blood circulation of the tissues and reduce muscle tension, which can also help in the recovery process of injuries and stress, says Krista Virtanen, Country Director of Back on Track Finland.

The uses of Welltex® fabric are versatile and Welltex® fabric can be used as a therapeutic textile almost without limits. Due to its treatment properties, it is the optimal material for clothes and products, the use of which is related to the care and maintenance of muscles, joints and tissues. For example, in clothes that support the joints and protect the body, such as back, elbow, wrist, knee, shin and ankle braces. In addition to protectors and supports, the winning series also includes therapeutic Welltex® tape. Unlike traditional kinesio tape, Welltex® tape does not need to be used according to special taping instructions, but can be placed directly on the pain point.

Back on Track works closely with several healthcare professionals in Finland. The products have been used for years in well-known treatment facilities in Finland with excellent feedback, and care professionals are actively involved in developing new Welltex® products.

 "Congratulations to Back on Track Oy for winning the 2023 mobile product series. The Back on Track brand and the Welltex® series products have achieved a solid position among well-being and quality-conscious consumers. The areas of use of the therapeutic Welltex® fabric are truly versatile. Healthcare professionals wanted the award raises the importance of Welltex® products on the one hand in drug-free self-treatment of pain and on the other hand reminds us that movement is medicine in itself. All tools that can support and facilitate movement are important. Welltex® protectors, braces and therapeutic tape can help people maintain movement from body ailments and despite the bruises," says executive director Mika Rönkkö. Suomen Terveysarvikepiaat ry.

The excellent functionality of Welltex® products in humans has led to the fact that therapeutic protectors and supports made of Welltex® fabric have also been developed for the well-being of animals, e.g. for pets and racehorses.


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