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Back on Track Products : A Horse of a Different Color

Back on Track Products : A Horse of a Different Color

Every year approximately 7 million individuals in the United States ride horses, clearly horses are beloved animals in this country. But how can you tell if your horse is experiencing pain or other health issues? Changes in your horse's posture, such as shifting their weight from side to side, refusing to bear any weight on a limb, or being reluctant to move are often the first sign of a problem. Because you love your horse, you want to provide them with the best care possible to keep them healthy, happy and comfortable. Back on Track offers three types of products that can help you do that, and you won't want to look these gift horses in the mouth.

1. Boots and Wraps.

Back on Track offers a selection of therapeutic boots, horse leg braces, and wraps that may reduce swelling, promote circulation of the blood, and offer support and comfort for arthritic joints. They may also aid in the recovery process if your horse has been injured. In addition, you can also choose from a variety of horse leg braces, boots, and wraps that are designed to be used for dressage, to help absorb any impact, to comfortably protect your horse's limbs, or to more evenly distribute pressure. It's also helpful to know that some Back on Track products are created to complement each other, such as Back on Track's Royal Tendon Boot and Royal Ankle Boots.

2. Sheets and Blankets.

Back on Track's cutting-edge Welltex technology permeates the fibers of their horse sheets and reflects the body energy of your horse back to them, delivering an infrared effect that may be therapeutic for your horse. They can also be used in conjunction with neck covers for your horse. These therapeutic sheets and blankets can be useful before or after exercising your horse to prevent them from getting chilly and to help them dry off quickly. If your horse shows signs of back soreness, stiffness, or arthritis, a therapeutic horse back pad, therapeutic blanket, or sheet may aid in easing any discomfort that they have.

3. Liniments.

Limber Up products contain Back on Track's proprietary, certified drug-free combination of rose hips, arnica, yucca root, peppermint essential oil, and rosemary in a base of aloe vera and witch hazel. These products can be used under your horse's tack before exercising them, added to their bath water, used under their bandages or Welltex products, or used directly from the bottle as it's needed. The health and well-being of your horse mean everything to you, and they mean everything to the team at Back on Track as well. Whether you're interested in horse leg braces and wraps, sheets and blankets, or liniments, you'll discover that Back on Track products are a truly a horse of a different color!
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