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A Complete Guide to Our Therapeutic Blankets and Coats

A Complete Guide to Our Therapeutic Blankets and Coats

Animals expend plenty of energy every single day, whether they use their bodies for work or play. If your animals need to give their muscles a break, consider using a therapeutic mesh coat or blanket. Our products are essentials for many animals, improving mobility and comfort. From benefits to cleaning tips, we’ve put together a quick guide to help you familiarize yourself with our therapeutic blankets and mesh coats. We even highlight how to size your animals for coats and accessories, so you can get the right fit every time.

Product overview

Therapeutic blankets and mesh coats are vital for reducing time out of activities; they repair muscles, joints, tendons, and ligaments. You can also use them to promote injury prevention, as they maintain body tissue and improve overall resilience. Here’s how it works: We infuse our products’ fibers with Welltex technology. This technology promotes micro circulation of the blood and increases oxygen delivery. The blankets and coats absorb your animal’s body energy to produce a far infrared thermal effect, keeping muscles loose. No matter your animal’s age, introducing our products into their routine can speed up recovery time. Your horse or dog can wear them before exercise and can even keep them on them overnight. The key is to gradually let your animal familiarize her or himself with the blanket or coat, putting it on for a few hours daily and increasing the hours worn with each passing day. The total length of time your animal wears our product will vary; however, it’s important for them to take time away from it, too. Discontinuing use with regular breaks will help you reassess your animal’s progress. Additionally, if your horse or dog has long-term injuries, they may need to wear it for several weeks. Pay attention to your animal’s reactions to determine whether he or she should wear the blanket or coat for a longer period of time.

Therapeutic blanket and coat benefits

There are several benefits that can come from incorporating a therapeutic blanket or mesh coat into your horse or dog’s healing regimen.
  • Convenience—Simply lay the blanket or coat over your horse or dog—our products are adjustable. Your animal can use our products while moving, resting, or sleeping; they’re ideal for everyday use.
  • Comfort—While they may seem stiff at first glance, our products can help your animal’s muscles loosen up, and blankets and coats can even promote restful sleep. Our mesh coats are made from light, breathable materials, so your animals can move freely without overheating.
  • Improved blood circulation—This reduces inflammation and discomfort as it increases energy.
  • Increased time between chiropractic treatments—With soothing far-infrared technology, our blankets and coats provide all-day relief.
  • Easy to clean—Because we use mesh to construct our coats and blankets, dirt and dog fur won’t get trapped inside!


Sizing greatly impacts the effectiveness of our products, since a poor fit means that your animal may not reap all the benefits. The right size makes all the difference, so we want to give you some tips for finding your animal’s measurements.


Therapeutic horse sheets alleviate stiffness and sore or tight muscles, getting them back in shape sooner. Additionally, you can help your horse prevent future injuries by giving them one of our mesh coats. We even offer a variety of colors! Keep in mind that our mesh horse sheets are made from Welltex material, so some of our sizes run small. To find your horse’s blanket size, begin at the center of the chest and measure to the center of the tail. Then, subtract three inches. The size of the neck cover depends on your horse’s blanket size. No matter your horse’s discipline, whether they race or you simply ride them as a hobby, they can benefit from wearing a mesh coat. For additional sizing details, please view our sizing chart for horse products.


Relieve your dog’s tired muscles with a mesh coat from Back on Track. Whether your dog is young or old, arthritic or active, a mesh coat can easily soothe the stress put on their muscles and joints. Like our horse sheets, you should take a few measurements before ordering our therapeutic dog coats. Measure down the length of your dog’s back, moving from the base of their neck (at their collar) to their tail. Keep in mind that as you measure, the tape should be parallel to the ground, not following the curves of your dog’s back. Once you’ve completed your measurements, find the coat that’s right for your dog. For more information regarding therapeutic dog coat sizes, we encourage you to take a look at our dog sizing chart.

Caring for mesh coats

Always machine wash our products in warm water with a mild detergent. However, we advise that you don’t bleach or tumble dry Back on Track items—simply wash them and hang to dry. If needed, you may iron them at 122°F, the maximum temperature we recommend. We urge customers to avoid harsh chemicals and hot dryers because the blanket or coat’s ceramic fibers may melt, causing the product to become stiff. It may even shrink! When you correctly wash and dry your Back on Track products, you can relax knowing that your horse or dog won’t lost any of the coat or blanket’s benefits. Plus, no matter how many times you use and wash our products, they’ll still retain their effectiveness.
Back on Track offers an extensive online selection of protective products for dogs, horses, and humans. Featuring an innovative design and state-of-the-art technology, we construct the best therapeutic blankets, sheets, and coats for animals on the market. We emphasize daily care and recovery to help you and your animals can reduce strain or injury and return to activities feeling healthy and prepared. We hope you consider giving our products a try—locate a dealer near you today! For more information regarding our therapeutic products, contact us. We’d love to hear from you.
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