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4 Pieces Of Equipment You Need For Backwoods Riding

4 Pieces Of Equipment You Need For Backwoods Riding

When it's time to take your horse down the road less traveled, it's paramount that you pack the right equipment for the job. It's easy to hop on your horse and go but any trained equestrian will brings these four items to ensure the longer trip goes without a hitch (though you might want to bring a hitch). A comfortable saddle Because you'll be riding your horse for an extended period of time, you want to ensure that the saddle is both comfortable for you. Even more importantly, however, you want to ensure the saddle is comfortable for your horse. If you don't have a worn-in saddle on hand, ensure you use the best blanket for horses or another back pad to keep them comfortable on longer trips. Horse support products You never know what you might encounter riding in the backwoods, but your journey will come to a quick end if your horse is injured. As such, you should bring a few handy pieces of equipment, like horse knee boots or other magnetic hock boots for horses. If your horse has a weak ankle or is recovering from a past injury, it's best to support the limb or joint with the best tools available. This might include equine horse knee boots for bad knees or other support braces like royal quick wraps, horse leg brace, or horse hock wraps. After all, a bowed tendon can take between eight and 11 months to fully heal properly. Take into account the health of your horse before you go on the ride. Though a horse recovering from an injury should get plenty of exercise, riding them for long periods of time might have to wait until later. Keep in mind that you shouldn't neglect your own health either. If you suffer from tendonitis, ankle weakness, or carpal tunnel, a wrist brace for pain can help you get through the longer rides as well. Plenty of snacks A long ride means that you should pack plenty of nutritious snacks and water. After all, your horse is working hard; they deserve a break every once in a while. A first-aid kit This one goes without saying, but you never know when a sudden fall or bucking horse could result in injury. Pack a first aid kit with the essentials, including a cell phone should you need to call for help. For the best equine, human, and dog products on the market, rely on the inventory of Back On Track. Whether you need horse knee boots or therapy pet mats, we have what you need. Call or look at our inventory today.
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