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3 Tools To Keep In Your Horse's Stable

3 Tools To Keep In Your Horse's Stable

Every equestrian knows the basics of horse stable maintenance but only successful horse owners have only the best of the best tools. Of course, you need the pitchfork, shovels, and wheelbarrows, but there are a few key tools that make your life as a horse owner easier. When you want to improve the life of your horse and the ease of maintenance in the barn, use these three tools to make your job a breeze. A blanket No horse stable is complete without the best horse blankets on cold nights. Cozy fleece blankets for horses are comfortable and stylish for chilly nights and even colder days. Even if your stall is lined with warm hay, a fleece blanket for a horse will be their best friend from the fall through the spring. Braces You never know when your horse's discomfort could turn into something more. Prepare for the worst by stocking up on the best neck therapy products, horse knee boots, and horse wraps to serve as a brace during times of distress. When your horse isn't feeling like themselves, the first clue is to look at their posture. A horse may shift their weight, refuse to move, or stop bearing the weight of a rider. Inspect your horse to identify the problem, wrap it in a horse leg brace, and get to the nearest veterinarian or equine doctor for further diagnosis. An emergency care kit Always keep a first aid kit for horses and riders nearby. You never know when a horse will buck a rider off or become unstable during a jump. Along with the braces for horses you keep in the stable, also include an emergency care kit and list of numbers to call. Your human first aid kit should contain the basics: an ankle brace sock or wrap, antiseptic, and other bandages. Additionally, be sure to include a pair of wire cutters should you or your horse come into contact with a metal fence. Horses aren't the only animal that can get injured on the field. You never know when your horse, your dog, or you will need the best in therapy products. For great therapy dog products, contact Back on Track today. We offer essential barn tools and accessories that no horse-lover should go without. For more information on our therapy dog products, horse therapy products, and more, visit today.
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