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3 Things to Love About Limber Up

3 Things to Love About Limber Up

If you follow us, you’re already aware that our new liniment line, Limber Up, is on the rage. Long-standing Back on Track customers have been searching for a liniment in use with their favorite Back on Track wraps and braces to no avail until now! Staying true to the Back on Track commitment to providing excellent products that leverage the power of nature for healing, the new Limber Up line follows in the footsteps of its predecessors in providing an alternative route to healing. Below, check out 3 Things to Love About Limber Up!
  1. It’s all natural: Liniments are all too often associated with that strong minty smell that makes skin instantly feel tight. The harsh ingredients used in many liniments can be harmful to the health of skin and cause severe irritation. If your dog or horse suffers from sensitive skin, you’ll love that our Limber Up liniments are made with all natural ingredients, leveraging the benefits of herbs to create a soothing effect rather than harmful substances. In fact, some of the ingredients, such as Rosehip and Aloe Vera, are downright great for improving skin condition!
  2. It’s certified drug-free: A common issue with liniment use in the equestrian world is monitoring usage to prevent a positive drug test before entering the ring. Specific ingredients used in some liniments have been under fire for potentially causing a positive drug test before an event. With Back on Track’s Limber Up LiniMint line of certified drug-free liniments, you’re safe to administer these products daily without having to fear backlash.
  3. It comes in three forms: Our Limber Up line has been optimized to come in three forms! You can find Limber Up as a spray, foam, or body and brace wash. Use the spray to help improve suppleness and tighten as a brace before exercise. Our vegetable based foam is perfect to use in those hard-to-reach places that are stiff and sore. Last, but not least, the fabulous Limber Up shampoo produces a highly effective refreshing bath for all over comfort.
Finding relief for aches and stiffness can be a process of testing out products until something works. Back on Track is proud to serve its customers with top notch products that have been proven to produce results. The new Limber Up LiniMint line takes healing and comfort to the next level. Pair your favorite wrap, brace, or blanket with our all-natural liniments to help your dog or horse achieve the ultimate comfort possible!
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