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3 Essential Products Your Horse Shouldn't Go Without!

3 Essential Products Your Horse Shouldn't Go Without!

Your horse works tirelessly to aid you in your daily ventures. Between performances, working, and training, your horse needs the best love and care to stay healthy. To ensure your horse is getting the best treatment for their injuries and downtime, here are three products a hardworking horse simply shouldn't go without. Therapeutic saddle pads Saddle pads are essential for horses that love to go for rides. Not only will these pads offer a necessary layer cushion and protection between the horse and the saddle, but they can also help wick away sweat and dirt during a particularly long ride. In the last fleeting weeks of summer, a therapeutic baby saddle pad is light and breathable. When your horse needs comfort and support during longer rides, a back pad is the best way to go. A horse blanket When you need the best blanket for horses, look no further than the blankets and covers offered by Back On Track. The best horse blankets should help protect your horse from the elements and keep them warm during cooler winter months; however, therapeutic fleece blankets for horses can also help heal sore muscles and alleviate discomfort in their joints and tendons. When the cold weather finally hits, pair your fleece blanket for horses with a neck cover. A shoulder guard Every hardworking horse can overdo it once in a while; when your horse needs to optimize their movement and get support for an injured shoulder, utilizing an equine shoulder guard can help. Not only does a shoulder guard help prevent chafing caused by blanket use and saddle rubbing, but it can also help heal your horse's shoulder using Welltex technology. Whether your horse shows symptoms of discomfort or you simply want your horse to perform its best, utilizing a shoulder guard for your horse can help. Practically 7 million Americans ride horses each year. When you want to ensure your horse experiences the best in comfort, utilizing Back On Track Products is the way to go. Not only do these products help minimize chafing caused by daily rides, but they can also help keep your horse comfortable in times of distress. No hardworking horse should go without these three products; when you want the best in Welltex technology (and in the right size!) visit today to help keep your horse happy and healthy.
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