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3 Braces to Help Extend Your Dog's Quality of Life
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3 Braces to Help Extend Your Dog's Quality of Life

Nobody likes to think about their four-legged best friend getting older or having an accident. But an unfortunate fact of life is that, much like humans, our dogs aren't immortal. As they get older, dogs need the same care and consideration that humans need in order to protect aging bones and joints. If your pup has had an accident or is just starting to feel their dog years, there are things you can do to help them before resorting to expensive surgery.


A Brace for Back and Knees Can Help ACL Recovery

If your pooch is starting to feel the onset of arthritis, a common problem in seniors, then a knee brace might be the answer to help provide crucial relief. These braces provide critical support and stabilization to the joint while. Flexible materials can help accommodate the rebuilding of atrophied muscle, allowing it to adjust to meet your dog's needs throughout the recovery process. If your dog is fond of the water or is taking part in hydrotherapy as part of their recovery, make sure to talk to your retailer about water-safe materials that will allow them to experience the water without material causing irritation to sensitive skin.


Brace for Elbow Dysplasia

If your pet's breed is one that's prone to elbow dysplasia, dog wraps or a support brace can help stabilize the lower limp while keeping the paw free. This is especially important in breeds such as Labradors. The reigning champion for the most popular breed is prone to hip and elbow dysplasia, with risks increasing as they age. Rather than restricting movement, the brace provides stability to the joint, while still allowing freedom of movement. This will not only improve your pet's quality of life but will allow them to continue being an active part of your family.


Back Braces for Hip Dysplasia

If your dog's hip dysplasia has is beginning to routinely affect their daily quality of life, a brace for back and knees can help do just that. These braces wrap around the circumference of a dog's chest and hind legs, helping to offer comfort and range of motion and extend your pet's quality of life. This can be an especially attractive option if you are looking to care for your dog and allow them free movement, but if surgery is isn't a viable option. Again, be sure to do your research and talk to your retailer about whether this option is the right one for you. Another option to consider is a therapeutic dog bed, which can provide the comfort your pet needs. Accepting your pet's mortality after an injury or due to old age can be challenging, as is finding the balance between holding on to a trusted companion and giving your friend the best quality of life they can have. With something as simple as a brace for back and knees and other therapy products for dogs, you can have both, allowing you to both to live out your pets' twilight years in comfort and companionship.
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