Test results prove the Back on Track effect: Back on Track fabric technology significantly increases circulation.

Back on Track Horse Blankets – In Just 2 Weeks View Actual Photos of Before and After Using a Back on Track Blanket

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General Benefit: Back on Track fabric technology significantly increases circulation.

“Southern Pines Equine has used the Back on Track bandages and blankets in our bone scan horses to keep the legs and back warm and maximize circulation.
To get good scan images, good circulation is critical!
We have compared regular leg wraps to the Back on Track bandages and have documented significant increases in circulation. We are able to do this by comparing tissue activity count rates on legs that were either left open or covered with a standard bandage or the Back on Track wrap.
Our count rates (Kcount/sec.) were 50% higher in the legs covered with the Back on Track bandage.
The positive effect was also seen in the stifle and pelvis with use of the Back on Track blanket.
It is our opinion that any condition that would benefit from an increase in tissue circulation would be improved with the use of the Back on Track bandage and blanket. Use of these wraps on joins with arthritis should improve the horse’s comfort and therefore improve performance.”

Jim Hamilton, DVM, Southern Pines Equine Associates

LEGS: Significant results can be seen in just 3 days.

Day 0, patient demonstrates circulatory disruption and nerve changes on the front left distal limb as indicated by the cooler areas in blue.

After 3 days of wearing a Back on Track standing wrap, the patient showed equalization of the distal front limbs. This symmetry remained stable following 14 days of continuous wear.

Study performed by Joanna Robson, DVM, CVSMT, CVR, CSFT, CIT, Inspiritus Equine Inc., Napa, CA.

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