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Three Things You Should Buy Before Your Horse Arrives
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Three Things You Should Buy Before Your Horse Arrives

So you’re about to own your first horse — though about 7 million people a year ride horses in the United States alone, not nearly as many can claim to own them. This is exciting, and is a bit more of an undertaking than adopting a cat or a dog. For one thing, horses tend to be more expensive — not just in the initial purchase, but in their upkeep as well. Horses can’t be kept in your home, which means that you’ll either need to live on a property that has space for them, as well as a stable, or you’ll have to pay to board them.

Horses also eat quite a bit, and their food doesn’t come cheap. They wear shoes, though theirs are made of metal, that have to be replaced regularly, and they, of course, require vet visits. But you also need certain types of products before your horse arrives in your care. If you’re boarding your horse, some of these products may be available for you to use or rent, but many stables will require you to own your own products for your horse, and for that matter, if you aren’t boarding then you’ll definitely need items of your own. With that being said, we’re looking into some of the basics that you should make sure to buy before your horse comes to meet you. You’ll be glad you prepared properly!

1. A Blanket Liner for Horses

Of course, you’ll want to buy a blanket for your horse; perhaps even a therapy blanket, which can help them relax after a long day of running about. However, if you live in a cooler climate, you may want to go the extra mile. A blanket liner for horses adds an extra layer of insulation. Horses actually cool down rather quickly, and they tend to sweat quite often as well. When their sweat settles, they tend to be vulnerable to catching a chill. Horses also tend towards respiratory infections, so it is paramount to keep them warm. A blanket liner for horses can also be calming for the easily stressed animals, and trust us when we say that you’ll want to keep your horse as calm as possible. There is also a benefit to you when you utilize a blanket liner for horses; if your horse wears it at night, it will be less likely to grow dusty or have straw stick to its coat! This will make keeping your horse clean much easier.

2. Wraps

Horse wraps almost look like socks or bandages, but horses don’t have to be injured to wear them. In fact, wraps for horses essentially act as an extra layer of support that most horses can benefit from. Horses are in reality somewhat delicate creatures. They often can become injured through simply stumbling, and they’re even more prone to stress fractures. Although a horse can potentially recover from a stress fracture, if that fracture is exacerbated, your horse could be crippled for life, to the point that it would need to be euthanized. This is a worst-case scenario, of course, but it’s important to go ahead and utilize hock wraps and knee wraps for horses, just to ensure that they’re putting as little stress on their bones as possible.

3. Back Pads

Another place at which horses bear a lot of weight, of course, is the back. Therefore, it’s a good idea to invest in a therapy back pad for horses. A therapy back pad adds a bit of cushion and padding for your horse, and you may also want to consider investing in a similar type of saddle pad, which might be a little more comforting than a typical saddle pad. These kinds of investments are incredibly important if you’re planning on riding your horse on a regular basis, which, barring any serious health problems in your horse, you should on a regular basis.

Remember, you’ll have your horse for years to come. Start off your ownership the right way!

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