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3 Products That Will Help You Care For Your Horse
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3 Products That Will Help You Care For Your Horse

Whether you’re an experienced horse owner, or have just gotten into the game of owning horses, you know that they’re not like any other pets on earth. And they are pets; though you can ride horseback and of course accomplish a number of tasks with the help of horses, you can also bond with a horse just like you would with a dog or cat. Horses are intelligent and emotional creatures, prone to a good amount of anxiety and stress if they aren’t properly cared for. Furthermore, horses can easily physically injure themselves thanks to this stress, or simply through daily life. As big as they are, they’re actually quite accident-prone and can easily hurt themselves. Horses essentially balance a lot of weight on relatively delicate legs. If their legs are permanently damaged to the point that they can’t walk properly, horses must be euthanized. They can also be prone to back problems, and joint issues in general. Therefore, it’s important that you invest in equipment that will help you care for your horse’s physical health. Think outside the box, too — be overcautious. Below, we’re detailing a few different products you may want to look into when caring for your horse.

1. Neck Therapy Products

Before exploring the types of products that you’ll probably think about when owning a horse, we’re going to look at something that might not have occurred to you. Horses can experience neck pain and tension just like human beings. They bear a good amount of weight on their necks. For that matter, when you pull on the reins of a horse, they feel pressure on their necks. This can cause tension and pain, which is why neck therapy products are important for horses. Horses show issues with their neck through a bad attitude, refusing the bit, and pulling back when tied. After ensuring that your horse is not suffering from a more serious problem, you may want to pursue back and neck therapy products, like horse sheets, therapeutic blankets, and horse neck covers. Complex therapies may also be pursued, including acupuncture, but it’s important for horses to have something at home to reinforce their recoveries with, which is why neck therapy products come in handy. Even using a neck cover before your horse shows signs of pain is important, as it’s good to try to be proactive.

2. Boots

Horses need supportive braces and boots, much like athletes do after they hurt themselves. Horses are highly athletic animals, and can easily severely injure themselves through a simple stumble. One common injury is a bowed tendon, which can take between 8 and 11 months to heal. A big reason why horses are sometimes euthanized is because, if they hurt their legs and are unable to walk, they aren’t able to continue on with life in a healthy way. Horses can sometimes develop fractures just through stress and the way they bear their weight. Knee boots and hock boots are incredibly important when a horse is experiencing pain or stress in their legs. This support will help them regain their strength, and retrain their legs.

3. Caps

You might be surprised by how important caps are for horses. However, one of the most vulnerable points for a horse is actually its ears. Horses’ ears are very delicate, and they can be easily bitten by bugs, which causes itching, irritation, and in the long term sometimes infection as well. Caps shield the ears and allow horses to relax a little on summer days where they might be vulnerable to bug bites. If you want your horse to be as comfortable as possible, take the extra mile and invest in a cap!

Horses are expensive by nature — it costs a good bit to feed and house them, and they also require a lot of care. It’s in your best interest and theirs to preemptively invest in the types of products that will keep them healthy.

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