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Three Signs That Your Horse Is Injured

Three Signs That Your Horse Is Injured

Whether for racing, jumping, rodeos, or just simply out of love for the animal, many Americans own and care for horses. With over 400 breeds, there are a wide variety of requirements for care. As we are all aware, horses are very large and active and are thus prone to injury. Whatever life throws at your equestrian friend, remember that you can always visit Back On Track to find whatever horse leg brace, horse wraps, shoulder guards, or neck covers you may need! If you see any of these three signs, it may mean that your horse needs some therapeutic care, or even professional medical attention:
  1. You notice unequal weight distribution If a horse has injured a specific limb, it will most likely try not to put any weight on it. Closely observe the way it stands to try to determine if all legs are bearing weight evenly -- if one is clearly painful to stand on, you may need to get a horse leg brace. Knee boots for horses are another option if a veterinarian determines that the issue is at or around the joint.
  2. The horse has a limp or an unusual gait Walk your horse around, carefully noting the details of its stride. If it is walking in an atypical manner, perhaps to avoid pressure in specific areas, it may have a leg injury. Even if your horse seems to be walking normally, make sure that you trot it around as well. There may be injuries that your horse is able to hide or compensate for easily at slow speeds, which will become more apparent once it has to move faster.
  3. You can see a clear surface abrasion Obviously horses, just like the rest of us, are going to get minor cuts and scrapes once in a while. But if you notice that your horse has a deep cut, one that is bleeding, or an abrasion that looks infected, make sure to properly treat it immediately. This will ensure that the animal will recover quickly and not suffer any long-lasting effects.
Whatever the complication, Back on Track has products that will guarantee your horse a comfortable and speedy recovery!
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