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The Benefits of Fleece Blankets for Horses
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The Benefits of Fleece Blankets for Horses

Fleece blankets are an equine wardrobe staple. These versatile blankets have many uses that can benefit your horse year-round.

Most of the benefits of fleece blankets for horses come from the properties of the fleece material. Fleece is soft, warm, and moisture-wicking, making it ideal for coolers, liners, and stable blankets.

However, not all fleece horse blankets are equal. Back on Track Fleece products are very different. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of fleece blankets for horses and discover the best ways to use fleece year-round.

Fleece Blanket Benefits

Fleece is a warm yet lightweight synthetic fabric similar to wool. The benefits of fleece blankets for horses include better skin health, optimal moisture control, safe cool-downs, easy maintenance, a secure fit, and year-round use.

Skin Health

The best horse blankets made from fleece are also great for a horse’s skin and coat. Fleece feels soft and gentle against the horse’s skin and is often used as a liner to increase warmth under another blanket.

Fleece is suitable for both clipped horses and those with longer coats. Unlike some materials, fleece won’t force the coat to lie flat, allowing horses with winter coats to still benefit from their natural insulation.

Moisture Control

Fleece isn’t waterproof, so fleece blankets aren’t suitable for outside use without a waterproof shell. Using a fleece blanket under a waterproof turnout can help wick sweat away from your horse’s skin if the horse overheats.

Non-wicking materials can put horses at risk of hypothermia if they trap moisture against the skin in cold temperatures. Fleece can help protect against this risk in climates with rapid temperature changes.

Fleece Coolers

This moisture-wicking ability makes fleece a popular material for horse coolers. Horses that become sweaty during exercise in cold conditions can struggle to regulate their body temperature during cool-down.

Fleece helps dry the coat and return body temperature to normal safely. These coolers are also beneficial for keeping horses warm after baths during winter. Blankets made of other materials would trap moisture after a bath, preventing the horse from drying.

Easy Maintenance

Wool blankets are difficult to clean and become easily damaged in the wash. Fleece blankets allow for easier maintenance, but you should still carefully follow the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure your blanket stays in optimal condition.

When looking into fleece blankets, look for ones with less nap. This feature makes it easier for the blankets to stay clean and prevent bedding from sticking. If your horse rolls in the fleece blanket, use a stiff brush to remove bedding and dirt quickly.

Secure Fit

Fleece blankets typically offer a secure fit with limited shifting. However, some fleece blankets can cause rubs if they aren’t properly fitted and secured. Blankets with sleek lining around the neck and shoulders can reduce the risk of rubs.

Adjustable chest straps allow you to customize the fit to your horse for optimal comfort. If you plan to leave the blanket unattended on your horse, choose a fleece blanket with cross surcingles. Blankets without surcingle attachments can slip off the horse's side.

Year-Round Use

While heavier winter blankets are useless in summer, fleece blankets are helpful to have on hand year-round. You can use a fleece blanket to help dry your horse out on colder summer days after exercise or a chilly rainstorm.

Back on Track Supreme Fleece Blanket

The Back on Track Supreme Fleece Blanket combines the versatile use of fleece with the therapeutic benefits of Welltex® technology. This technology reflects the horse’s body heat as infrared energy to stimulate circulation and support the muscles and joints.

The Supreme Fleece Blanket is an excellent stable, cooler, and transport blanket. It can also help your horse warm up and cool down after exercise. Don’t settle for any fleece cooler. Use the Back on Track Supreme Fleece Blanket year-round to help your horse prepare, perform, and recover at his best.

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