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Rosehip, a popular feed additive
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Rosehip, a popular feed additive

Back on Track Rosehip Special In 2018 Back on Track launched their new Animal Health Line focusing on the feed additive Rosehip. Rosehip is an organic finely ground grain that is comprised of 98% peels and 2% seeds and has been found to help minimize inflammation commonly found within the gut and joints. Studies have also found that Rosehip is a healthier and effective alternative for NSAIDs and increases in Vitamin C absorption have also been detected in humans and animals that take regular doses of Rosehip. A 2012 Australian study conducted by Marc Cohen determined that regular doses of Rosehip administered for three months showed a significant reduction in inflammation caused by osteoarthritis and proved to be a healthier alternative than relying on NSAIDs. Additionally, a 2012 Danish study focusing on Trotters confirmed that regular feed additive of Rosehip increased the Vitamin C levels in their horses, noting that the increase is favorable for aiding in minimizing the effects of osteoarthritis in sport horses, as determined in humans. While Rosehip is a popular feed additive in Europe, it is virtually unheard of within the United States. Back on Track’s main goal with introducing Rosehip to their product line is to provide a safe and healthy alternative for NSAIDs within the American market for horses, people, and dogs. Beginning July 26th, Back on Track is offering their 1.5lb and 3lb bags of Rosehip at a reduced cost for customers. This promotion concludes on August 30th. For more information on Rosehip: To view the studies mentioned above:
  1. K. Winther, A. Kharazmi, A. S. V. Hansen and J. Falk-Rønne – The absorption of natural Vitamin C in horses – a randomised, placebo-controlled and parallel study on trotters during a three month training period. Sept, 2010 Vol (1).
  2. Australian Family Physician: Rosehip – An evidence-based herbal medicine for inflammation and arthritis.
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