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How To Care for Your Horse in the Winter Months!
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How To Care for Your Horse in the Winter Months!

Horses are often seen grazing in the pasture, whether it's the high heat of summer or the chilliest days of winter. With their luxurious manes and rough coat, do these strong, large animals get cold when winter weather sets in? And how do you take care of them when it does? Here are some tips that make caring for your horse during the winter much easier.

Do horses get cold?

Horses are mammals, and they will inevitably get cold just like the rest of us in harsh winter weather, especially when snow, sleet or rain accompany the colder temperatures. But you don't need to keep your horse inside all winter as horses can easily withstand colder temperatures thanks to their hardy nature. Many will grow a winter coat if allowed, to help themselves stay warm and dry when the cold weather changes. This dates back more than 400 years ago when wild horses were first domesticated by our European ancestors.

Should I keep them inside all winter?

Horses do best in temperatures ranging from 18 to 59 degrees Fahrenheit and can easily acclimate themselves to cooler temperatures, and many prefer to spend most of their time outdoors. It is however essential that your animals have adequate shelter including a properly positioned wind block to ensure that they can get away from the blowing winds and rain. Access to fresh water is also essential regardless of where or how they are housed.

Be prepared for all weather conditions.

Being prepared for extreme temperatures is crucial for taking care of your beloved animals. That's why Back on Track has got you covered with our Seasonal Horse Blanket Guide. With a variety of blankets, sheets, and turnouts, you can keep your horses comfortable and protected all year round. Stay weather-ready and ensure the well-being of your animals.

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