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Do Horses Get Cold? How To Care For Your Horse In The Winter

Horses are often seen grazing in the pasture, whether it's the high heat of summer of the chilliest days of winter. With their luxurious manes and rough hair, do these strong, large animals get cold when winter weather strikes? And how do you take care of your horse in the winter? Here are some tips and tricks that make caring for your horse during the winter much easier.

Do horses get cold?

Horses are mammals and they will inevitably get cold just like the rest of us in harsh winter weather. But you don't need to keep your horse inside all winter; horses are able to withstand colder temperatures thanks to their hardy natures. Many will even grow a winter coat to help keep them warm and dry when the weather changes. This dates back to the wild horses we domesticated from European ancestors more than 400 years ago. Even though your horse may be able to handle inclement weather, you should always have clean water and food available. Chomping down on snow and ice simply won't hydrate your horses like a fresh trough of water.

Should I keep them inside all winter?

Horses are acclimated to cooler temperatures and many prefer to spend most of their time outdoors. However, it's essential that you have a shelter ready for when your horse needs it. This includes a shelter on the pasture and a well-stocked barn full of the necessary equipment that will keep your horse comfortable when the temperature dips.

What should be stocked in my barn?

Horses do best in temperatures ranging 18 to 59 degrees Fahrenheit. Any time the temperature drops below this level, it's recommended that you utilize the best blanket for horses, including those with horse neck covers. Ensure you buy a blanket liner for horses should they dislike the material. You should also be weather-ready whenever you take them on a ride as well. With slick, icy conditions, you might want to pack a spare ankle brace sock or horse hock wraps in case you encounter rough terrain. These are just some of the tools and equipment to have at the ready when winter weather comes. Horses fare well in the winter, but it's essential you support them with the best tools on the market. When you're looking for horse neck covers, horse wraps, fleece blankets for horses, and other equine products, rely on the high-quality inventory offered by Back On Track today.


Do Horses Get Cold? How To Care For Your Horse In The Winter