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5 Signs Your Dog May Have Arthritis

5 Signs Your Dog May Have Arthritis

Arthritis is one of the most common ailments that can affect older, and even some younger, dogs. Arthritis is a type of joint pain or joint disease that causes inflammation of one or more joints. Arthritis can be incredibly painful for your pet, just like it can be for humans. But how can you tell if your dog may be suffering from arthritis? Here are five common signs.
  1. Your dog is limping. Your dog may limp to avoid putting pressure on their hurt leg. In many cases, dogs with arthritis may limp when they first get up from a nap. The limp may become less noticeable once your dog starts moving around and their joints get warmed up.
  2. Your dog has difficulty getting around. Not all dogs suffering from arthritis will have a limp, but they may have trouble getting around. Your dog might not be able to get up the stairs as easily as they used to or they might have trouble getting up onto your bed.
  3. Your dog's back is hunched. Arthritis doesn't just affect the legs. It can also affect the spine. This can cause a hunching in your dog's back and might also cause a sore neck.
  4. Your dog gets tired easily. Have you noticed that your dog's walks have become shorter or they're quick to call it quits when playing fetch? It could be that your dog's arthritis is making these activities painful for them. They might spend more time resting or sleeping to avoid pain.
  5. Your dog shows signs of irritability. Pets may be irritable or quick to lash out when they're in pain. They may snap or bite when they're approached or handled in a way that makes their pain worse. Even if your dog doesn't become aggressive, their personality might change if they're uncomfortable.

Canine leg wraps can help reduce inflammation

Up to 76% of dogs suffer from severe arthritis and dysplasia. Arthritis can cause inflammation and pain in the joints, which can keep them from living a comfortable, happy life. Back on Track offers therapeutic dog products like canine leg wraps that may help to reduce inflammation so your dog can live a happier life. To learn more about our therapy products for dogs like therapeutic socks, therapy pet mats, and therapy blankets, contact Back on Track today.
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