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  • Welltex®

    Welltex® is Back on Track's first and most well-known technology, a synergy between ancient Chinese experience and modern scientific textile technology.

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  • Haematex™

    Haematex™ is a technically advanced form of Welltex® specifically designed for functional, lightweight material used in high-demanding sportswear.

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    IONTEX® is a Welltex® technology that is lighter and more flexible and is optimal for use in active lifestyle garments and accessories.

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  • Cool on Track ™

    Cool on Track ™ provides coolness during hot summer days and during hard workouts. The material cools efficiently by evaporating water.

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Mips: Multi-directional Impact Protection System


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Choosing the Right Boots and Wraps for Your Horse

Choosing the Right Boots and Wraps for Your Horse

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The Ever Changing Equine Industry

The Ever Changing Equine Industry

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Brain Injury Awareness Month – Back on Track® Expands Helmet Safety Initiatives

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Helmet Safety Series - Brain Injury Awareness

Helmet Safety Series - Brain Injury Awareness

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