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    A dog cover for everyday adventure!

    Nella has a completely new type of design that provides the best possible freedom of movement for the front legs. The blanket is designed for dogs with a low tail set and covers a larger part of the tail to keep it warm. It can be helpful against and prevent problems with water tail in cold weather and after water work.

    The blanket has a soft and elastic breathable outer fabric that is water and wind-repellent. The fitted collar has a drawstring to prevent rain and snow from entering. The inside is lined with Iontex® technology to stimulate blood circulation. It can help the dog maintain an optimal temperature and keep the muscles flexible in all weather. For extra warmth, the Cassie and Eddie sweaters are perfect to use underneath.

    Nella has a comfortable and close fit over the chest, with a quick and easy button closure on the breast plate with a buckle on the back. Velcro mounts on the sides ensures that it stays in place without twisting. The blanket is visible from all angles with reflective details and a hidden reflective pattern for extra safety in the dark. There are openings at the back to attach a leash to a collar or harness.

    Nella is designed for a normal to more athletic type of dog. If the dog has a stronger build around the chest and neck, choose a size larger or choose a standard cover.

    • IONTEX® Technology

    • Designed for activity and motion

    • Water and wind repellent (water column: 3000 mm)

    • Breathable (3000 g / m2 / d) Adjustable fit

    • Keeps the tail warm

    • Openings for leash to collar or harness

    • Reflective details and patterns

    Material: 95% Polyester, 5% Elastan
    Filling: 100% TPU
    Lining 1: 100% Polyester

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