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Back on Track USA Gift Card

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General Product Information


Our products will be introduced gradually to accustom the body to the effect. Use the product for a maximum of 4 hours for the first 2-3 days and then gradually increase by one hour at a time.


After the introductory period, the products should be used for at least 8 hours per day, preferably longer. Even after an hour or so, a positive effect on tense muscles and stiff joints is often experienced. For maximum effect, it can take 10-20 days before results are achieved.

Then use the product according to the pattern you feel is effective. This can be, for example, longer use during a period and then breaks, or shorter periods of time where the product is used for a few hours daily during activity or during the night.

If you experience that the effect wears off after a while, it may be a good idea to take a break from the product. After the neutralization period, you can then reintroduce the product.


The increased blood flow can in some cases cause some people to experience irritation, swelling or tenderness in the problem area at first. The reaction is individual and everyone experiences the effect in different ways.

Horses and dogs can also react at the introduction. Therefore, pay attention to how your pet behaves and reacts when using the products.


The initial reaction may occur after only a few hours of use. If you experience discomfort, the product should not be used on the same day. Instead, try introducing the product more gradually over the next few days.


Humans and animals emit body heat during both rest and activity, so the products can be used when it suits you best. You get the greatest effect during activity when the body temperature rises and the reflection becomes stronger.

Our products work best when in direct contact with the skin, but also work with a thin layer of fabric underneath.

Use the product only according to the instructions and consult a doctor if symptoms persist. If you are undergoing treatment for a disease, feel free to consult your doctor if you are unsure about how the product affects your treatment. 

The products should be kept clean to give maximum effect. Always follow the washing instructions on the product label. The minerals that give the effect are woven into the material and can not be washed or worn away.

Common washing tips

- The garments should not be tumble dried
- Do not wash with bleach or rinse aid
- Wash colors separately and invert the garments before washing
- For knitted garments, we recommend that the product is dried flat on a towel
- Waterproof and water-resistant products must be washed with a suitable detergent
Iontex® garments or other sportswear that contains cotton or viscose may shrink when washed for the first time. If this happens, gently stretch the garment while it is still wet
- Do not store the products in direct sunlight, unless necessary
- The minerals in the products in many cases counteract bad smells, which means that it is enough to wash them with ordinary gentle detergent.

Detergents for sportswear usually contain substances that can damage our textiles, please check this before using these agents. The agents should not contain: Aluminum Chloride, Enzymes, Silver, Citrine. These substances can change the structure of minerals and in turn their properties.