Boots & Wraps

Back on Track offers a selection of therapeutic horse boots and wraps to keep your horses legs protected and comfortable all day long. Whether you’re looking for fetlock boots, ankle boots, quick wraps, knee boots or something in-between, we’re sure to have what you need in a variety of sizes. To ensure maximum support and durability, our horse leg protection products are infused with Welltex technology, which uses body warmth to produce a soothing, warming effect that can promote healing and recovery. Since all of our products are FDA-approved and made with the highest-quality materials, rest assured that our horse boots and wraps will provide top-notch protection for years to come.

“We  use  almost  every  single  available  Back  On  Track  product  every  day  in  our  barn.  From  our   training  program  to  our  Rehabilitation  Center  they  cover  every  aspect  of  keeping  a  healthy,   happy  horse.  Before  using  Back  On  Track  products  we  went  through  a  variety  of  products  that   claimed  to  help  alleviate  discomfort  in  your  horse’s  muscles,  ligaments,  tendons,  joints  and  help   prevent  injuries.  Nothing  ever  did  what  the  products  claimed  and  then  we  tried  Back  On  Track.   Not  only  can  we  physically  feel  the  difference  in  our  horses  we  can  see  it.  Saying  Back  On   Track  has  forever  changed  our  program  for  the  better  is  an  understatement.  I  don’t  recommend   Back  On  Track  as  an  option  as  there  is  none,  it’s  a  must  have  product  in  every  single  barn.”   – Tom McCutcheon

Shop our collection of horse leg protection products below. If you have any questions or need assistance finding the right horse boots or wraps, contact us—we’re more than happy to help. Thanks for choosing Back on Track!