Back on Track is a company that produce a range of therapeutic products for horses, humans and dogs that work through the utilisation of properties of ceramic particles and infrared radiation. This study was conducted on 44 randomly selected horses, and sought to investigate the changes in locomotion resulting from the use of “Back on Track” therapeutic rugs. Locomotion was measured in three ways; fore limb stride length (FLSL), hind limb stride length (HLSL) and hind limb protraction (HLP). During the experimental periods there were highly significant improvements (P<0.001) in all three measurements, while there were no significant improvements in any of the three measurements during the control periods, although there were deteriorations. The results of this experiment not only provide evidence of the efficacy of the “Back on Track” therapeutic rugs, but also lend support to the wellbeing and performance enhancing effects of infrared radiation.


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