What is Back on Track?

We create therapeutic products for horses, dogs, and people from material that has been infused with Welltex technology.

How does it work?

Weltex fabric utilizes the body’s own energy and reflects the energy back as a far-infrared wavelength. That far-infrared wavelength penetrates deeper into the tissues. It is proven to increase blood circulation which, in turn, will increase the oxygen transport and waste product removal to and from the tissues, muscles, joints, tendon/ligaments, etc. It is a known fact that an increased blood circulation will aid in the overall well being and health of the tissues and also in healing from some trauma and injury.

When manufacturing the polyester and polypropylene fibers that Back on Track products are made of, ceramic particles are fused into the textile fibers. The selection of these ceramic particles is based on which absorption and emission spectrum they contain. The result is that when the ceramic particles absorb the body’s energy radiation, they expel energy of a specific wavelength, which is based in the long-wave infrared zone of the thermal radiation spectrum. It is well established and documented that long-wave infrared heat radiation has a pain reducing effect and increases blood circulation.

How do I use BOT?

We recommend an introduction time of 2-4 hours/day for the first 3-5 days to get the body used to the effects, but the length of introduction can vary between individuals. Use your judgment to determine when ready for longer use. For the best results, after the introduction time, use the products for longer periods of time daily – such as overnight. Every 3-4 weeks we recommend not using the products for 3-6 days. The period of discontinued use is for you to assess/reassess the progress of your horse or dog and even yourself. Products may be worn for a period of 1-24 hours a day after the introductory period. For use with dogs and horses, we recommend removing our products for 3-4 hours a day to give the animal a break from the effects.

Can the products be used in the hot temperatures?

Yes. We do recommend using the products in the cooler parts of the day and for shorter periods of time during the warmer summer months, however, this is your personal preference. Use your best judgement when using our products on your animals on a hot day. Using them for smaller amounts of time throughout the day is better than not using them at all.

After discontinuing use for a period of time, do I need to start over with the introductory period?

Depending on how long it has not been used, it may be necessary to start the introductory period again. Use common sense and see how the animal reacts.

How long do the BOT products work?

The effectiveness of BOT products will not change since you cannot wash out the Welltex fibers infused in the threads. If you have been using our products for a long period of time and feel you don’t see the same results as you did at the beginning, simply take a break for a week and try again. While using our products the body can get used to feeling better, so you may no longer see an increased difference. After taking a break you will most likely see or feel that difference again.

Why use BOT products when there are no injuries?

The improved blood circulation from the use of BOT products will help to maintain the over-all well-being of the body tissues, even in health. It may also help prevent injuries in the future by improving over-all resilience of the body.

If using BOT products causes increased circulation and swelling occurs, will it go away?

Take a break from wearing the product until the swelling goes down, then begin using it again. Wear it for only a few hours to minimize the chance of swelling again until the body gets used to the increased blood circulation from wearing the product.

How long does the BOT material last and retain its properties?

Because the Welltex material is melted into the thread of the fabric, it will always be effective, no matter how much you have used the products or how many times they have been washed.

What is the difference between BOT and magnets?

The Weltex material utilizes the body’s own energy and reflects that energy back into the tissues as far-infrared wavelengths which penetrate deeper than just warmth to affect the tissues and the blood vessels, whereas the magnets utilize the magnetic field.

How do I wash BOT products?

Machine wash in warm water and a mild detergent. Do not use fabric softener or bleach. Hang to dry.

What happens if the products are put in the dryer accidentally?

Unless you have a really hot dryer, the product(s) should remain effective. If products are put in a really hot dryer, the ceramic fibers may melt and the material will get stiff in some areas.

Will the products shrink?

No, as long as you follow the washing instructions. Products are not to be put into a clothes dryer.

Can liniments be used with BOT products?

Do not use products that will generate heat. Use your own common sense to see how you or your animal reacts.

How much support do the 'brace' products provide?

All of our people product braces are FDA-approved. Back on Track products give some support but are mainly used as therapeutic products that increases the blood circulation and in turn may help reduce inflammation in muscles and joints.

Does BOT guarantee their products?

We evaluate each situation individually and will take care of any manufacturer problems.

Can I return or exchange products?

As long as a horse or dog product has not been used, you may return it for exchange or refund. For more information, see our Returns page.

Can BOT be worn over clothing or over other blankets?

BOT products need to be next to the skin or hair of animals for the product to give the best effect. However, the Back Brace can be worn over a thin shirt and the Mattress Overlay should be used under regular sheets.

Can BOT products be bought for less at different places?

Retailers are required to sign a Retail Pricing Policy agreeing to sell the products at the MSRP. Stores are allowed special pricing opportunities twice a year; but only with BOT’s prior approval.

Who can sell BOT products?

Tack shops or canine businesses with a physical store front in commercial setting, licensed therapists, and veterinarians.

What is required to become a dealer?

You must have a physical store front for a tack shop or canine business in a commercial setting, be a licensed therapist or veterinarian.