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Gareth Men's P4G Long Sleeve Shirt

Color: Black
Size: S

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The P4G "Gareth" is perfect for activity and training. Made of a lightweight, elastic material with Iontex® technology, it provides a high level of breathability and antibacterial properties. Wear this shirt alone or under other clothing. The versatility makes 'Gareth' useful for any occasion, whether you're going to the gym, out for a run, or want a comfortable extra layer under your shirt for work. The technology gives you the best conditions for preparation, performance, and recovery, no matter what sport you play or what your everyday life looks like.

Features & Benefits
  • Iontex® Technology
  • Perfect before, during, and after training
  • Soft and supple feel
  • High breathability
  • Antibacterial anti-odor properties
Material Specification

Material: 85% Polyester, 15% Elastane, with Iontex® technology

By absorbing body heat and recreating it as energy, Iontex® can stimulate blood circulation and give you longer endurance. The lightweight and pliable material is optimal for an active lifestyle.