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What Is Hock Instability In Dogs And How Do I Fix It?

What Is Hock Instability In Dogs And How Do I Fix It?

If you notice a change in the behavior of your pet, one of the primary causes of a mood change is a reaction to injury. An injured pet may show a number of mood swings, changes in general behavior, or other forms of sensitivity due to pain. A hock joint injury is common, particularly in athletic dogs. This is similar to the hock joint in humans. But what is hock instability and how do you fix it?

Hock instability: What is it?
The hock joint connects the dog's shin bone to the paw where ligaments hold the bones in place. When these ligaments tear, it can cause instability in the joint, making it difficult for a dog to walk. Hock injuries can also stem from a fracture in the shin bone. Most hock injuries stem from trauma, likely due to a fall, accident, or another misstep.

How can I tell if my dog has a hock injury?
Sudden lameness is the first sign of injury. If your dog fails to get up when you're in the middle of playing, check their legs and joints, specifically. Dog hock injuries are usually accompanied by swelling, heat, and a change in behavior in your pooch. For a confirmation, take your pet to the vet to get them checked out and diagnosed properly.

How to treat a hock injury?
Hock splints for dogs and other dog hock brace options are the most common forms of treatment. However, a particularly bad hock injury may result in surgery where pins are inserted to help repair any fractures in the bone. For a ligament injury, pins are used in conjunction with a suture to aid in recovery. Dogs who receive surgery will likely use a hock splint for a long time in order to stop movement and promote healing

Do hock splints for dogs treat anything else?
Hock splints for dogs are also beneficial for arthritis, nerve damage, tendonitis, and recovery for the Achilles tendon. Even though Labrador retrievers have been America's top dog for five years, any pooch can receive a hock injury. When you need the best canine leg wraps or dog hock brace options, visit Back On Track online today to see our selection of therapy products for dogs, horses, and the people who love them.
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