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The Importance of an Equine Shoulder Guard
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The Importance of an Equine Shoulder Guard

Published: March 9, 2020

If you love your horses, you should make sure that they have all the accessories that enable them to be comfortable all the time. Whether you use them for sports such as racing or you keep them as pets, you need to look for ways to protect them. Things such as an equine shoulder guard can help you to prevent many of the pains that these animals go through, and so, you will make them happier.

Unlike dogs, horses need protection because they are exposed to harsher conditions than other animals experience. Veterinarians diagnose one in every four dogs with a form of arthritis and those animals are usually kept inside for most of their lives. It is an unfortunate situation that calls for measures to ensure that your horses are not subjected to the joint pain that comes from such diseases

The following are reasons to buy a shoulder guard for your horse.

Allowing For Improved Mobility

When an equine shoulder guard is installed properly, it effectively allows the bones and muscles around the shoulder to move. It ensures that as the animals move, they remain in the right position, and therefore, there will be increased mobility. You will notice that when a horse is wearing these guards, it tends to move freely and even jump over hurdles that are higher than what it usually does.

By increasing mobility, wraps for horses make the animals more useful to sports enthusiasts because they want to move faster and win games. You will notice that the horse suddenly becomes a super racer just because they know that they have their shoulders covered. In addition to that, they seem to amass more strength because the shoulders are guarded, and they feel more comfortable.

Protecting From Injury

When a horse is involved in too much action, the shoulder joint tends to get fatigued. The muscles that surround it lose their strength, and that means that the animal will be exposed to injury. Because of that, you need an equine shoulder guard to prevent them from moving out of position and thus causing more damage to the muscles.

It can be worse when the horse has some form of arthritis because it means that it will be straining to stay in action. Before long, you will have an animal that cannot move because of too much pain, and you will be wondering what went wrong. If only you knew how to use therapy products for horses, you would help the animal overcome most of these problems. The best part is that there are many products that you can use for this purpose depending on what your horse needs.

Preventing Bruises

Bruises may seem like minor scratches on the skin of your horse, but they can have far-reaching implications if they are not prevented using an equine shoulder guard. You will notice that when the horse is walking around rough surfaces, they tend to brush their shoulders on some of them. The result is that some parts of its skin will be without fur while others will have bruises. If left unattended, these bruises can turn into ugly wounds.

It is because of this possibility that you have to know how to use things such as shoulder guards and therapy back pad for horses to keep them safe. Once they are wrapped, you will not have to worry about things like bruises. However, it is also important to note that it will only happen if you get the right accessories. When you go to the stores to purchase any of these items, you will find a lot of varieties, and it is up to you to choose the ones that suit your horses.

An equine shoulder guard is one of the essential accessories that you should buy for your horse. You should also ensure that you choose the right materials so that the horse feels comfortable when wearing them. It is the same thing that you should do when buying sheets for horses and all other items that the animal needs.

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