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Four Benefits of Calf Braces That Every Dog Owner Can Appreciate
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Four Benefits of Calf Braces That Every Dog Owner Can Appreciate

Around 44% of all homes in the United States have a pet dog. While we may love our four-legged friends and want to have fun with them, sometimes our bodies don’t want to cooperate. If you want to run and play with your dog, but are finding it more difficult to keep up with their boundless energy, calf braces may be the solution you’ve been looking for.
Braces for calves have been used for years by athletes to improve their abilities and decrease discomfort. Braces for your calves can help relieve soreness and inflammation, allowing you to take your fur pal out and about without worry. Here are a couple of the tangible benefits a brace for calves can provide to you as a pet parent:
  1. Improved Circulation Just like arthritis gloves, braces for calves can help improve the circulation in your legs leading to a decrease in inflammation and less discomfort on your part. This allows your muscles to receive the nutrients they need to continue performing the way you need them to.

  2. Lower Recovery Time Not only can the increase in circulation benefit your comfort levels, but it can also help speed healing time after strenuous activities. This is because of the compression produced by the brace that allows the muscles to release lactic acid faster than usually. A build-up of this acid is what caused sore muscles after a workout. By allowing your muscles to heal faster, you can get back to feeling better sooner and having more fun with your dog.

  3. Soreness Prevention Braces for calves can also mitigate the onset of sire muscles, and in some cases prevent soreness and inflammation altogether. If you’re tired of your legs feeling like jelly after a particularly long jog with your dog, consider putting on braces before you leave to prevent stiff walking the next day!

  4. Reduced Oscillation The vibrations caused by running, or even walking for long periods, can cause damage to muscle tissue. Calf braces help prevent this trauma and increase overall muscle performance. This means you can feel free to run, jog, or even just walk your dog without worrying about painful legs the next day.

It’s important for dogs to stay active; however, sometimes we just don’t have as much energy as they do. For those of us who have trouble keeping up without feeling sore the next morning, consider how calf braces can benefit you. Not only can they help prevent discomfort and sore muscles by mitigating inflammation and lactic acid build-up, but they can get you back on your feet so that you can go back to having fun with your best friend. Don’t let sore muscles get in the way of playtime, see for yourself what calf braces can do for you.
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