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Better Sleep for Better Health
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Better Sleep for Better Health

One of the biggest health challenges that people face today is a lack of sleep.

By attending to our sleep-related needs, we can ensure the rest of our day is maximized, enhance our health and productivity levels, and cultivate a deeper connection with the world around us as we finally possess the energy required to do so.

So, what is a ‘Good Night’s Sleep’??

A ‘Good Night’s Sleep’ can be defined as a period of 6-9 hours depending on the individual’s activity levels, during which 20% of this is deep sleep, and 25% is REM sleep.

However, it’s not just the consistency of the sleep that’s important, it’s also the quality.

We’ve all been there… sleepily putting on mismatched socks and stumbling around wearily in the dark; the obvious effects of not getting enough sleep.

As our day wears on, the effects of sleep deprivation become increasingly evident - regardless of how much coffee we drink.

Here are some of the things we experience as a direct result of insufficient sleep:

    • We become more prone to accidents.
    • We become more prone to developing other seemingly non-related health problems and have less energy to aid the body in its recovery.
    • Lack of sleep can lead to imbalances in hormone levels, making us more prone to mood swings and difficult emotional states.
    • Physically visible side effects of sleep deprivation include dull skin, dark eye circles, and a generally fatigued appearance.

While there are generally several other factors involved, it’s still quite telling that we can improve our overall health by examining our sleep patterns and energy levels over a given period.

So why do so many people experience this uncomfortable and stressful sensation of not being able to sleep?

Here are some of the top reasons why adults today are suffering from lack of sleep:

  1. Technology: Before technology became such a massive and overwhelming factor in our lives, our bodies were in tune with the rising and setting of the sun. The further away from this, we’ve moved, the less in tune with our bodies we’ve become, and so even the most basic needs like sufficient sleep have been shaken by external technological influences.
  2. Diet: Our physiology is not designed to deal with the typical carb-loaded Western way of eating. The wrong type of fuel can also wreck our sleep. Familiarizing yourself with your body (and the way particular foods influence your sleep) is vital if you’re going to make any progress in improving your levels of sleep.
  3. Lifestyle: Factors such as work hours, work location, nap-taking, sleep cycle regulation, and environmental factors can all have a significant effect on our sleep patterns, and so these things should also be considered when seeking to improve it.
  4. The Surface you Sleep On: If body aches and pain are a concern for you, research also suggests that the surface you sleep on makes a difference in your comfort. Those that slept on a therapeutic mattress or mattress pad like the one made by Back on Track with Welltex® indicated a better night’s sleep. Increased circulation can improve overall health, wellness can comfort.

Make the change tonight!

Turn off technology, change your diet, and make sure your sleep surface is comfortable.  

Improving the quality of your sleep and ultimately boosting your overall energy levels, provides more time to spend on the things you most enjoy.

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