Therapeutic Exercise Sheet - Fleece



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    The Back on Track Therapuetic Exercise Sheet is available in two fabric options: nylon or fleece. Our nylon and fleece Exercise Sheets are excellent to use during warm-up sessions and trail riding as well as following exercise or competition. This sheet is breathable and tolerates a degree of water or dampness. Our fleece Exercise Sheet is excellent to use during warm-up or cool-down, trail riding, or competition. This sheet is breathable and wicks away sweat. Our Fleece Exercise sheet is also breathable and helps wick away sweat. Both Exercise Sheets are made with our Welltex® material, which uses your horse’s body energy to create an infrared thermal effect. Fits around the saddle and has a tail strap to keep it in place. Reflective strips in the rear corners offer increased visibility and safety.
    • Welltex® technology

    • Good fit around saddle

    • High Quality Fleece

    • Reflective strips for safety

    Using a cloth measuring tape, start at the middle of the chest, along the side of the horse to the rump, ending 10” – 12” below the dock (base of the tail). Blanket sizes are in 3” increments, starting at 66” and up to 90” for the mesh sheets; and from 69” up to 84” for the fleece blankets.

    14.2 - 15.2 h 69" - 72" 6'0"/183 cm - 6'3"/190 cm
    16.0 - 16.2 h 75" - 78" 6'3"/190 cm - 6'6"/198 cm
    16.2 h 78" - 81" 6'6"/198 cm - 6'9"/206 cm
    17.0 h 81" - 84" 6'9"/206 cm - 7'0"/213 cm
    17.1 h 84" 7'0"/213 cm
    17.2 h 87" 7'3"/220 cm

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