Riding Gloves

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The Back on Track Riding Gloves use our Welltex technology, which may help to improve blood flow and relief discomfort related to arthritis, or stiff joints in the hands or fingers.

to get the right size, select the corresponding size for gloves.

Riding Gloves   Measure the width of your knuckles at the base of the fingers, and the length from the top of the middle finger to the top of the wrist. Tend to run small.       
6.5 Width- 3.25in Length- 6.25in
7 Width- 3.25in Length- 6.5in
7.5 Width- 3.25in Length- 6.5in
8 Width- 3.5in Length- 6.75in
8.5 Width- 3.5in Length- 6.75in
9 Width- 3.5in Length- 7in
9.5 Width- 3.75in Length- 7in
10 Width- 3.75in Length- 7in
10.5 Width-  4in Length-7.5
11 Width- 4in Length- 7.75in
11.5 Width- 4.25in Length- 8in


Material: 100% polypropylene with Welltex® technology.

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