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How You Can Help Manage Your Dogs Arthritis with Braces

In the United States, one in every four dogs will be diagnosed with arthritis. Signs of arthritis in dogs can include:

  • Cracking or popping in joints and/or swelling.
  • Licking in the joint area.
  • Slowed movements.
  • Unwillingness to walk, climb stairs, or jump.

Diagnosis and Treatment

For arthritis to be diagnosed, a veterinarian will typically perform an exam, followed by a series of motion tests. If needed, follow up tests might be required if the vet feels there may be an underlying issue. Once everything is concluded, and a proper diagnosis is made, the treatment process can begin.

While there is no cure for arthritis, a veterinarian can advise on possible medications and specially designed dog arthritis braces to help minimize discomfort. While anti-inflammatory medications are commonly prescribed, when used in conjunction with supportive therapeutic wrist braces mild arthritis may be more easily managed. This means your dog can get back to feeling their best sooner than you think!

Dog Wrist Braces for Arthritis

If arthritis is diagnosed, the good news is that options such as dog wrist braces, and other specially designed support braces, exist to help ease discomfort and get your best friend back up and moving. Dog wrist braces can help support weakened wrists so that your dog can walk farther without limping. Consider your dog’s front legs to be similar to your own arms, with the wrist being located directly above each paw. By adding a wrist brace for pain mitigation, you can help stabilize the joint and give it needed support against weakening. To apply most dog wrist braces, you simply fit and wrap the brace around the leg, about one inch above the bend of the wrist. This ensures that support is provided without impeding flexibility in the joint itself.

If your best four-legged friend has been diagnosed with arthritis don’t panic. Collaborate with your vet and see about investing in wrist braces specially designed to help support arthritic joints in dogs. Your vet will also be able to show you how to properly apply the brace, should you have any questions, and can advise you on how long they should wear it each day. Arthritis can be managed with the right tools and support. Before you know it your dog will be back to running, playing, and chewing up all the things you told him not to.