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Therapeutic Products to Protect Your Pets From the Autumn Chill

Now that summertime is nearly gone, it’s time to start prepping for the chillier months. While sipping hot chocolate by the fireplace and raking up those beautiful crisp autumn leaves sounds nice; pet owners must take a few extra precautions to keep their four legged friends comfortable and warm when temperatures start dropping.

If you’re wondering how you can help your animals stay protected, warm and comfortable this fall and winter season, keep reading.


Horses can weigh as much as 2,200 pounds. However, that doesn’t mean that they can stay warm all on their own when the severely cold weather rears its ugly head. Though horses are excellent at regulating heat—their impressive coats provide great insulation—horses begin to experience discomfort when temperatures drop below eighteen degrees Fahrenheit. Shelter is not adequate enough. They need some assistance staying warm, and a therapy blanket for horses is the best way you can guarantee their comfort. These therapeutic blankets offer a protective cover against the harsh wind. They will also help your horse feel secure since many horses that are cold-backed can suffer from shoulder issues. The support from the blanket can help improve their condition and help soothe your animal.

Make sure that they have enough food and water on particularly cold nights. Digestion aids in keeping horses warm.


Whether you have a dog that lives indoors or outdoors, make sure he has a warm spot to go to when the weather gets freezing. You can purchase a therapeutic dog bed and loads of blankets for him to nuzzle into. Your old linens or t-shirts will work just fine, or you can purchase a thicker blanket for added warmth.

Another way you can keep your dog warm this season is, to build a space for him that is guaranteed to keep him warm. If he is an outdoor dog, keep his doghouse elevated, with flaps at the front that will block out the windchill. If you’re still concerned about your pup, install a heat lamp into their doghouse. You may also keep them inside of your garage when it gets too cold outdoors. This way, you can easily check up on them throughout the evening and night.

Keeping Your Animal’s Joints Healthy: Horse Wraps and Dog Wraps

These therapeutic products also have an alternative function. Horse wraps, for example, may help and support your animal’s joints. Arthritis is not uncommon in mammals. Just like us, horses and dogs are prone to it too. As their owner, it’s your responsibility to comfort them in any way you can. Buying therapeutic products is especially essential during the wintertime. The colder climate can aggravate their condition and increase their discomfort. But products like wraps for horses are meant to ease the strain.

Keeping an eye on your animals this autumn

While we have a lot to look forward to this upcoming fall and winter season, prepping your animals for the severe weather should be your first thought. Whether you own a dog or horse (or both), these are just a handful of ways you can ensure they will feel cozy and cared for. If your animal happens to suffer from arthritis, make sure to take additional precautions, so the windchill does not aggravate or worsen their condition, like buying horse wraps for your horse.