Summer Horse Tips

Tips for Summer Horse Care

Spring is officially here, and the hottest days of the year are before us. While most rejoice in longer days and warmer temperatures, it’s important to keep in mind that our equine companions are sensitive to heat. Here are some simple management steps to help keep summer a happy time for your horse.

The basics: Proper hydration and adequate shelter are important regardless of the season. Daily intake of water can double or even triple in hot weather, so providing access to clean fresh water 24/7 is a must. Providing shelter from the sun’s sweltering rays – either a shady spot in the pasture or a run-in shed – is also a must.

While in the barn, airflow is crucial. Consider installing stall and aisle fans and be sure they’re in good working order, properly placed or mounted, and that the cords cannot be reached. An added benefit to stall fans is that they also act as a fly deterrent.

Speaking of flies, topical fly control products, internal supplements, premise sprays, and manure control agents help diminish the number of pesty insects. Fly sheets and fly masks are also popular and widely used.

Topical fly sprays and ointments are the first line of defense for riding as well, while a fly bonnet helps keep those irritating bugs from playing havoc in your horses’ ears. If you are not familiar with our wide selection of choices, check them out here: Fly Bonnets.

Summer riding often includes hard footing, which can take its toll on the lower legs. Proper preparation using Splint Boots and Polo Wraps helps protect and support your horse’s legs while working. Proper recovery after a hard workout or trail ride might include wrapping your horse’s legs for a few hours or overnight to help reduce potential swelling and provide well-deserved comfort and protection. Trailering your horse also requires thoughtful consideration on what products are best used in order to support and protect. Our selection of leg, joint and hoof products have you covered.

Keeping your horse healthy and happy year-round is the goal. Back on Track is here to help you achieve that goal by offering a wide selection of high quality, everyday products for you, your horse, and your pets.